Chatbot WhatsApp pour la banque - Avantages et cas d'utilisation

WhatsApp Business solution is one of the most successful marketing and customer care channels in banking, as 1.5 billion people actively use the app in over 180+ countries. From automatiser tasks like conversations with users to enabling assistance for clients with immediate notifications, account balances, the latest records of transactions, and payment transfers, the WhatsApp chatbot for banking can help the industry provide a seamless customer experience by reducing manual labor and improving productivity.


Today we dive into the benefits and use cases for using a banking chatbot to increase your marketing reach significantly.

Understanding Chatbots

A chatbot is an AI-powered solution that converses with end users. Using Machine Learning and NLP, a chatbot can simulate human interaction by automating responses.

Choose Trengo for Your WhatsApp Chatbot for banking

To deploy a chatbot on WhatsApp for banking operations, you need WhatsApp Business API and a third-party automation tool like Trengo. With this tool, you can configure and launch your chatbot or flowbot in no time and streamline operations and communication.

Trengo for AI Powered Automation

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WhatsApp chatbots for banking: use cases

Chatbots have been integrated into bank apps to enable clients’ self-serve. Customers may benefit from chatbots in various ways, including receiving payment reminders, reviewing transaction history, and much more. But what about potential consumers who need to download the bank’s app? How could they receive responses so quickly? A WhatsApp chatbot is the ideal answer to this issue. Let’s dive into the various use cases.

Manage customer service queries

When someone walks into a bank, the first thing they do is stand in queue and wait for their number to be called before meeting with a customer care representative. A bot could do the same much better as it can gather information about the consumer and create a profile before assigning an agent. This will expedite the process and assist in locating the most appropriate individual for the client’s needs.

Qualification des prospects

Banks require information about their prospects to evaluate if they qualify for loan and insurance quotations. You may train a bot to ask pertinent questions to prospects, and if they pass the initial screening step, an agent from your team can contact them for more precise qualification checks. For example, if a potential lead is searching for a house loan, your bot may inquire about their age, salary history, desired property price, and credit history to see if they fulfill the requirements. If they do, a member of your staff might assist them further.

Qualification des prospects

Génération de leads

Customers may message your company on WhatsApp to learn more about your products and services, and your chatbot can assist them. For example, they may wish to create an account or purchase, the bot directs them to a bank agent if it cannot do so. You may promote your products and services using Facebook and Instagram advertising, including click-to-WhatsApp links. When clients click on them, their WhatsApp app opens, and your chatbot may answer their queries or walk them through the step-by-step process of becoming a customer.

Génération de leads

People may quickly submit papers such as ID cards and photographs using WhatsApp’s rich media features, making banking services more accessible.

Notifications and reminders

A Chatbot WhatsApp might alert consumers of future payments as well as withdrawals and accepted payments. If there is any unusual activity on their accounts, a bot may alert them and allow them to take immediate action, such as banning their debit card.

WhatsApp Chatbot for Banking: advantages

Now we will discuss the benefits of using WhatsApp chatbot for banking.

24/ 7 customer service

Customers may contact your company anytime and use the WhatsApp chatbot to fix their problems. This is especially useful for situations that need immediate action, such as deactivating an account in the event of debit card theft. Trengo is here to assist you in gaining access to the API and all the functionality required to provide modern customer service on WhatsApp.

service clientèle

Un support client rapide

With a bot, you may manage an endless number of consumer questions at the same time. Customers do not have to wait for hours on the phone to talk with a customer service representative. There is no need to stand in long lines or complete lengthy forms. Everything is at their fingertips.

Increased efficiency

A WhatsApp chatbot can automate many standardized, repetitive tasks. You can free up time for your team members and save resources that can be utilized on more complicated matters. Your team can collaborate better and this amplifies productivity

Amélioration de la collaboration au sein de l'équipe

Increase conversion rate

With a WhatsApp chatbot, your bank can manage an unlimited number of consumer inquiries at the same time. A well-executed chatbot strategy can help you provide a seamless and personalized customer experience, leading to increased conversions and customer satisfaction

Personal Financial Counselling

A WhatsApp chatbot for banking can also provide sound financial advice. Companies can forecast future actions by analyzing a person’s transaction history based on their spending behavior. As a result, an AI-powered WhatsApp chatbot can act as a financial advisor and provide suggestions in advance.

Personal Financial Counselling

Create a WhatsApp chatbot for your bank using trengo

Follow these steps to create a WhatsApp chatbot for your bank in Trengo in mere minutes!

  • Aller à Paramètres > Automatisation > Chatbots
  • Configure the chatbot settings
Comment créer un chatbot WhatsApp

1. Internal title: Name your bot.

2. Chatbot language: Select the language.

3. Channels: Select WhatsApp as a channel.

4. Google Cloud key: Add your Google Cloud key.

You have now created your WhatsApp chatbot for banking!

You can add different content categories to your bot. Think of categories such as pricing, products, and delivery.

  • Go to ‘Categories’ and click ‘Add category’
Ajouter des catégories au Chatbot

You can further add questions and give your chatbot more variations to work with and ensure customers can get a complete experience.

Ajouter des questions au Chatbot

Once you feed all the data, you can test and launch your WhatsApp chatbot for banking!


Chatbots have revolutionized customer interactions significantly. Many customer service tasks can be automated by using a WhatsApp chatbot. You can use it to answer frequently asked questions, qualify leads, convert them to customers, and send them reminders and notifications. Customers may get rapid assistance, and agents will have more time to focus on jobs that require human thought and presence.


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