How to Create a WhatsApp Business Chatbot – An Easy Guide

WhatsApp is among the most used messaging apps in the world with over 2 billion people and companies in 180 countries choosing it for their communication purposes. More than 50 million companies worldwide already use the WhatsApp Business platform to sell services and goods. WhatsApp Business facilitates interaction with customers by giving tools to automate, sort, and rapidly answer communications, it offers Labels to organize and conveniently discover chats and messages.

Chatbots have evolved into powerful and successful customer support solutions for organizations across industries with the launching of WhatsApp Business. They enable enterprises to boost consumer involvement while delivering a unified message experience.

So, how can you create a WhatsApp Business API chatbot for your company? Keep reading to find out!

Understanding chatbot WhatsApp business?

A WhatsApp chatbot for business is an AI-powered chat assistant designed to engage consumers through the WhatsApp messaging service automatically. The chatbot uses machine learning and speaks more naturally, creating a more human-like interaction. Chatbots enable brands to engage with more customers and they may use texting, audio or video calls, and transfer files and photographs all from the same app. Chatbots help automate your consumer conversation on WhatsApp.

What is WhatsApp API?

To use a chatbot, WhatsApp Business does not suffice that’s why the platform introduced an API (“Application Programming Interface”) that enables service providers to integrate artificial intelligence into the app. Since it has no interface, you will need a Business Service Provider to make things work and Trengo is your best bet! You can build a chatbot for WhatsApp business in no time and automate your customer support on WhatsApp.

WhatsApp Business API

How to Get WhatsApp Business API Approval in 4 Steps

  • Purchase a new phone number or make use of an existing one.
  • Check that your company follows WhatsApp’s policies.
  • Verify your account and official Facebook phone number to be accepted for texting.
  • Obtain your API key and get a third-party tool like Trengo to begin.

You can then build a chatbot on WhatsApp business if your company fits all these requirements.

How to create a WhatsApp Business Chatbot?

Follow these easy steps to create a business WhatsApp chatbot in mere minutes!

Create Goals and a Strategy

Identify your business’s needs, goals, and targets before developing a chatbot. Determine the problems you want your WhatsApp chatbot to tackle and devise a plan that includes the following:

  • Needs, aims, and objectives in business.
  • Customer service, process automation, corporate communications, lead creation, and other chatbot functions in your organization.
  • Methods by which WhatsApp addresses existing issues and communication gaps.
  • A step-by-step plan for implementing a chatbot and your future expectations.

Select a WhatsApp API Chatbot Provider

The most straightforward approach to creating a fully functional chatbot for WhatsApp is to utilize a platform designed for this purpose that is also an official WhatsApp partner. Trengo is an omnichannel customer communication tool that enables businesses to build a chatbot on several platforms, including WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger. Book a demo today to begin!

begin setting up the chatbot in Trengo:

  • Go to Settings> Automation > Chatbots
  • Configure your chatbot by filling up the details
How To Create WhatsApp Chatbot

Congratulations! You now have your own WhatsApp Business chatbot.

Add Categories

Your bot can have several content categories. Consider the following categories: price, items, and delivery.

Add Categories to Chatbot

Write a Conversation Flow

You may write possible conversation flows after you have a chatbot creation platform and instructions from your provider.

  • Consider which questions your consumers frequently ask you.
  • Provide potential responses to each question.
Add Questions to Chatbot

After you’ve added enough questions, set up your chatbot settings and test it.

How WhatsApp Chatbots Can Help Customer Service and Sales Staff?

Here are some ways your WhatsApp Business chatbot can benefit you:

  • 24/7 Support – With chatbots, you can interact with customers worldwide 24-7. Unlike on-site human support employees, you can deliver rapid replies and handle concerns around the clock.
  • Better Customer Interaction – WhatsApp chatbots understand and react to customer intentions. You may use WhatsApp to automatically handle frequent consumer concerns while maintaining the same tone and welcoming voice your brand is known for.
  • Language Barrier-Free – WhatsApp can be accessed in over 40 languages on iPhone and up to 60 languages on Android. You may build your WhatsApp chatbots to interact with consumers in English, French, Italian, Arabic, Hebrew, and other languages.
  • Automation – It can automate tedious tasks and procedures such as completing forms, answering frequently asked questions, completing customer satisfaction surveys, and offering insights.
chatbot automation
  • High Security – WhatsApp is one of the world’s most safe systems due to its end-to-end encryption. It guarantees that no other party, including WhatsApp, will have access to the messages and transactions you exchange. WhatsApp may communicate OTPs, financial updates, personal data, confidential data, and follow-ups.
  • Generate Leads – Potential leads can be identified using information on the reaction and level of customer participation. This will move possible leads through the marketing funnel as quickly as possible.
  • Advertising – To reach a high degree of relevance for the user, your WhatsApp Business chatbot may give templates to send marketing and advertising messages to users, and deliver value to the audience with a specific CTA. Such relevant WhatsApp bot messages promise increased engagement rates, enhanced CTRs, more conversions, and higher ROI.

Tips for a Smooth whatsapp business chatbot API Integration

Let’s give you some tips on how you can get the most out of your WhatsApp chatbot for Business.

Charge your chatbot WhatsApp Business with AI

Bots must grasp human intentions and get better as they go so your chatbots must be equipped with artificial intelligence and machine learning capabilities. You can link external software to your WhatsApp business account and construct a chatbot after you obtain API clearance.

To grow your chatbot with an AI-powered platform like Trengo can help:

  • Make self-learning chatbots for WhatsApp and other digital media.
  • Automate recurring tasks.
  • Send forms and sign consumers up remotely.
  • Answer FAQs.
  • Utilize client satisfaction surveys to gather feedback.

Give Your Chatbot a Personality

Conversational chatbots should sound human, not robotic. That is why you must give your WhatsApp business chatbot a name that reflects your brand’s values and outlines how it will connect with users. 

Chatbot Personality
  • Determine your bot’s persona – is it professional or funny? Specialist or friendly?
  • Determine the manner of voice, language, and phrases that interest your consumers. 
  • Know your target audience’s language and alter your bot’s messaging accordingly.

Concentrate on Expertise

A generic chatbot can only give expert help for some sorts of problems while a bot designed with specialized competence will undoubtedly satisfy your customers. To answer complex queries quickly, focus your chatbot on a particular area of expertise.

  • Define your chatbot’s required areas of expertise (banking, real estate, eCommerce, etc.). Fill it with data and teach it the necessary abilities. Focus your chatbot on 1-2 goals to guarantee that every discussion is correct.
  • Change the tone and voice of your chatbot based on specific areas of knowledge.
  • Stay current by updating your chatbot with the most recent facts and professional expertise.   
  • Include a request for live human support.

Detect customer dissatisfaction and route interactions

Some users, such as older folks, may need help to operate the bot. To address this issue, you must identify and support distressed clients.

  • Include a “Go Live” button in your bot chat to allow users to request human support.
  • Calculate the length of your discussions, find unusually long conversations, and provide live support.


Creating an efficient WhatsApp business chatbot API necessitates determining your company goals and developing a plan while keeping your target audience and competitors in mind. Once your project is in place, select your WhatsApp business chatbot provider. With platforms like Trengo, you can create a chatbot in a matter of minutes and be on your way to increasing sales, improving client satisfaction, and reducing churn rates over time by providing a fantastic customer experience.


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