How to Create a WhatsApp Chatbot for Your Business – Step by Step Guide

Taking customer interactions and everyday operations to a new level? Every business wants that. With the digital world evolving rapidly, you need to be at the pulse of innovation if you want your business to succeed. Chatbots have become a necessity for brands that wish to amplify communication and reduce manual labor. This AI-powered technology can engage with customers in real time, provide prompt support, and collect data for analysis while handling routine tasks.

Today, we discuss how to create a WhatsApp chatbot so sit back and read on!

What is a WhatsApp chatbot?

A WhatsApp chatbot is an aspect of automated software that engages with your customers on WhatsApp using Artificial Intelligence or pre-programmed algorithms. WhatsApp chatbots intelligently communicate with your consumers by leveraging AI. You may use them to respond to consumer inquiries about your products and services, share information, boost sales, and send alerts about orders, payments, and shipments, among other things.


WhatsApp business chatbots leverage the WhatsApp Business API to connect with your clients, staff, learners, and other sorts of users smartly while avoiding any requirement for any human involvement.

Why do you need to create a WhatsApp Chatbot?

If you have a few customers, you can serve them by replying to each message individually. However, as your company expands, dealing with customer support will become more complex. Even if you have a small customer base, one key issue with personally responding to every question is the need for more efficiency. Your consumers will have to wait for you to respond to their inquiries. This implies that they might not receive a response when they urgently need one and that might not be the best thing for your business.

If you work in e-commerce or retail, your situation will be more straightforward as 53% of online customers abandon their carts due to a need for immediate responses. So, to have happy consumers and prevent cart abandonment, you should make a WhatsApp chatbot.

Below are the reasons why learning how to build a WhatsApp chatbot can be great for your business:

  • 98% penetration rate for WhatsApp with over 90% of messages sent via WhatsApp being opened within 3 seconds!
  • WhatsApp is a multi-directional communication channel
  • Various service channels – video, voice, images, forms, and more
  • Unified messaging that does not need human intervention
  • Stellar customer experience
  • Quicker responses to customers
  • Better customer relationships
  • Lowered customer service costs 
  • Easy-to-use platform
  • Secured conversations
Trengo chatbot

Build a Whatsapp chatbot – the criteria

Businesses worldwide are starting to take advantage of the opportunities that come with WhatsApp’s significant market penetration (2 billion monthly active users) and ever-expanding business-friendly features.

Even though WhatsApp has opened its doors to enterprises, API integration is only available to some. Businesses must go through an application procedure that prioritizes medium, large, and enterprise-size firms in specific industries. Before you can introduce an official WhatsApp chatbot to your audience, you must :

  • Assess the WhatsApp Commerce Policy to ensure that your industry and use case do not violate any rules.
  • Request the WhatsApp Business API and create a WhatsApp phone number.

how to create a Chatbot in WhatsApp – An exclusive guide

Let’s dive into all that it takes to learn how to create a WhatsApp chatbot.

Comply with WhatsApp API constraints

WhatsApp Business API came to the scene when WhatsApp Business did not suffice companies anymore. This version ups the ante and brings an array of unique features.

WhatsApp considers the following three crucial factors:


WhatsApp is concerned about the industry in which your company operates and it is simpler for them to obtain API access:

  • Financial services
  • Retail
  • Education
  • Real estate
  • Telecommunication

Purpose of chatbot

The objective of the chatbot is another important element to consider in WhatsApp chatbot development. The usage of WhatsApp chatbots for marketing and promotional announcements is prohibited and it is best used for sales, customer support, and non-promotional notifications. You are more likely to obtain WhatsApp API access in such instances.

Purpose of chatbot

Monitoring WhatsApp Policies

You must adhere to the WhatsApp Business Solution Terms and Conditions and the WhatsApp Business Solution Policies. Check them out and make sure your business is following these rules.

Get the WhatsApp Business App

If you have reviewed the WhatsApp API limits and are confident you are eligible, the next step is registering your business in the WhatsApp Business App.

WhatsApp Business accounts are classified into two types:

  • A “green tick” denotes an official business account.
  • Company account.

The main differences are a green checkmark sign and a prominent business name. To obtain a WhatsApp Business Account, you must first download the WhatsApp Business app (either the Apple App Store or Google Play Market). Then, register your company with a unique phone number.

After you have been accepted for WhatsApp Business APIs, you can apply for the Green Tick.

WhatsApp Business

Steps for creating an official business account:

1. request WhatsApp API access from a WhatsApp Business Solution Provider like Trengo.

2. After granting your WhatsApp Business API access, contact your Business Solution Provider to apply for an official business account (green tick).

Obtain access to the WhatsApp API

The final and most crucial step is to submit a request for WhatsApp API access. There are two methods for obtaining WhatsApp API access:

Collaborate with business solution providers:

WhatsApp suggests working with a business solution provider to work with the API version since it lacks an interface. You must contact the partner’s representative and request access to the WhatsApp API. We recommend Trengo as the best BSP for WhatsApp.

WhatsApp Business API

The platform can help take care of all your automation needs so you can deliver the best customer services while streaming daily operations. Deploy chatbots and flowbots to deliver exceptional customer journeys and increase team productivity.

Book a free demo today to begin!

There are two critical motivations for collaborating with a BSP:

  • You have a better probability of getting API access.
  • Within 1-4 weeks, your request will be reviewed.

Setting Things Up with Trengo’s WhatsApp chatbot builder

Here is the step-by-step on setting up your chatbot for WhatsApp Business.

1. Navigate to Settings > Automation > Chatbots

How To Create WhatsApp Chatbot

2. Configure the chatbot settings

  • Internal title: Give your bot a name.
  • Chatbot language: Choose a language.
  • Channels: Choose WhatsApp as your channel of choice.
  • Google Cloud Key: Insert your Google Cloud key.

Voila! You have just built your very own WhatsApp Business chatbot.

Your bot can have several classifications for content. Consider the following categories: price, items, and service.

3. Navigate to ‘Categories’ and click the ‘Add Category’ button.

Add Categories to Chatbot
  • Fill in the name of your category.
  • Move onto ‘Questions’ and give your chatbot different variations to polish it further.
Add Questions to Chatbot
Test your Chatbot

Only release a new feature after ensuring everything works properly. An important aspect of learning how to create a chatbot in WhatsApp is testing the bot to see whether it works properly. Remember to evaluate it because it thoroughly influences your ultimate consumer experience; you may check integrations and discover potential issues before the launch.

Self-request API

If you want to work directly with WhatsApp, you may gain access to the WhatsApp API through the WhatsApp Business Platform. WhatsApp now supports large-scale messaging for companies of all sizes. To gain access to the WhatsApp Business Platform, complete the following steps:

  • Sign up to be a Meta Developer.
  • Make two-factor authentication available for your account.
  • Make a Meta App: Go to > My Apps > Create App to get started. Choose the “Business” option and follow the on-screen instructions.
  • Then, pick “WhatsApp” and proceed with the onboarding process. You must either use an existing WhatsApp account or create a new one.

You will be taken to the “Getting Started” page, which includes instructions and the chance to send test messages.

Keep in mind that all developers must adhere to WhatsApp’s Commerce Policy.

Understanding WhatsApp Business Pricing

Let’s talk about pricing. WhatsApp Business pricing is based on a conversation-based basis. WhatsApp formerly charged for business-initiated communications delivered to users outside of the 24-hour limit. Every discussion counts in a new pricing approach, regardless of who initiated it. Let’s look at the new WhatsApp Business pricing model.

There will be two interaction situations in charge:

  • Initiated by user: every form of client question addressed to your company. The conversation begins when a business responds to it and ends within a day. Businesses pay once for a 24-hour chat, and any messages sent within that time are free of charge.
  • Initiated by business: these are message templates delivered to users (for example, post-purchase notifications) or any regular communication sent outside of the 24-hour support session. In this scenario, the session begins when the message is sent, regardless of whether the consumer responds.
WhatsApp Business Pricing

To summarize, the fee is calculated just once for each 24-hour discussion with WhatsApp Business Account. Pricing varies depending on whether the conversation is initiated by a company or a user and the country code of the customer’s phone number. On the WhatsApp Business Platform, you can view your user areas’ prices.

With these modifications, resolving a customer’s concern within a 24-hour window equals another penny saved.

WhatsApp chatbot development – FAQs

What are the requirements for creating a WhatsApp chatbot?

All you need to launch a chatbot on WhatsApp is:

  • Facebook business verification
  • A WhatsApp business phone number that has been registered
  • The official WhatsApp Business API (which Trengo can help you obtain).

What exactly are WhatsApp message templates?

The message templates enable you to announce your promotional campaigns to your consumers via WhatsApp, allowing you to increase conversions, income, and value from your chatbot on WhatsApp.

How can I send broadcast messages with a WhatsApp chatbot?

Broadcasts may be used to transmit essential text messages, messages with choices, and even to guide people through pathways. WhatsApp chatbot even lets you schedule your broadcasts and tailor them to certain user segments. You must utilize a template message to send messages on WhatsApp outside of the 24-hour timeframe.

Simply use the Template Message node to set up the templates directly in the conversation flow when constructing your WhatsApp AI chatbot.

How can I obtain access to the WhatsApp Business API?

WhatsApp’s business APIs are distributed through its partners. Platforms such as Trengo will assist you in gaining access to the WhatsApp API when you construct a free WhatsApp chatbot on its platform.

What role do WhatsApp chatbots play in omnichannel support?

Because WhatsApp is used by over 2 billion people worldwide, chatbots are crucial in an efficient omnichannel support strategy. These people open the App 23 to 25 times each day on average. Because the bot you deploy on WhatsApp can also be used on Facebook Messenger, Instagram, Telegram, and ten other messaging platforms, it fits into your overall omnichannel support strategy.

All your interactions across various channels can be managed in a single inbox, giving your agents constant insight into previous conversations across all channels. This implies that when your consumers move tracks, they can pick up where they left off, making the experience genuinely omnichannel.


WhatsApp is a network that connects billions of people every day and is now providing companies with limitless opportunities to reach and engage with their large audience. Companies can directly communicate with clients using chatbots and improve their reach.

In times when instant messaging is an integral part of our daily lives, a well-executed WhatsApp chatbot can help you stand out, improve customer interactions, and streamline various aspects of your business or personal communications. So, get started today and unlock the potential of WhatsApp chatbots for your business needs.


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