WhatsApp Enterprise vs WhatsApp Business: What’s the Difference?

As the leading communication app, it didn’t take long for WhatsApp to dip its toes into the enterprise domain and take the world by storm. Today, customers need businesses to be available on WhatsApp for swift connection and instant responses. WhatsApp brings two options for businesses, WhatsApp Business and WhatsApp Enterprise, and we will discuss them in detail so you can make your decision quickly. Let’s get into the WhatsApp Enterprise vs WhatsApp Business showdown.


whatsapp Business

An intuitive solution for businesses, WhatsApp Business, helps brands keep up with their everyday operations and improve customer support. For small business needs, WhatsApp Business can be a great solution.

WhatsApp Enterprise

When talking about WhatsApp Enterprise, we refer to WhatsApp Business API, which is one step ahead of WhatsApp Business. This version is ideal for bigger businesses that handle massive volumes of messages and need as much automation as possible.

WhatsApp Enterprise vs WhatsApp Business: A Comparative Guide

Let’s get into the showdown and compare the differences and how they can impact business.


WhatsApp Business is available for free on Google Play and Apple Store. You can get it like the regular WhatsApp app and begin using it. WhatsApp Enterprise mandates some steps before you can use it. You need to apply for the API account and then have a Business Solution Provider (BSP) since the platform doesn’t have an interface. We recommend Trengo as the best BSP choice because you don’t need any coding experience to set things up quickly. You can use Trengo’s free trial and experience its friendly interface.

WhatsApp Business API


While WhatsApp Business offers auto-reply, broadcasting messages, scheduled messages, file sharing, and group messages, WhatsApp Enterprise offers it all too, but it takes things up a notch by giving a chatbot option. Chatbots have become an instant hit with businesses as they help handle large customer queries without human intervention freeing up time for more complex matters.

WhatsApp Business

Profile View

You can present your business by showing your logo, brand name, and business hours to assure the customer of your authenticity. However, WhatsApp Enterprise gets you a green tick declaring you an official account. This verification can solidify their trust further and help them choose you over other brands.


WhatsApp Enterprise can integrate with your CRM systems and provide a seamless omnichannel customer journey; however, WhatsApp Business has something different. Your shoppers can only access you through the WhatsApp app.


WhatsApp Business can only run one phone at a time, but WhatsApp Enterprise can run on multiple devices, so your agents don’t have to take turns. They can serve the customers as inquiries come.

WhatsApp Enterprise vs WhatsApp Business – Faceoff

FeatureWhatsApp BusinessWhatsApp Enterprise
AccessAvailable for free on app storesRequires API account and BSP like Trengo
FeaturesAuto-reply, broadcasting, scheduled messages, file sharing, group messagesAll WhatsApp Business features plus chatbot option
Profile ViewLogo, brand name, business hoursOfficial account with a green tick for added trust
IntegrationLimited to the WhatsApp appIntegration with CRM systems for omnichannel support
DevicesRuns on one phone at a timeCan run on multiple devices for simultaneous service

WhatsApp Enterprise vs WhatsApp Business – The Verdict

Which version works best for your business depends solely on your needs. If you are a small company that doesn’t need to handle large volumes of interactions, then WhatsApp Business is the way to go. However, Enterprise is the answer for larger brands that need constant activity on a bigger scale.


WhatsApp Business and Enterprise are epic solutions for brands wanting to expand their reach. Whichever you choose relies on your business objectives. These platforms aim to ease your business operations and help drive growth by taking the load away.


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