WhatsApp Newsletter: What You Need to Know for Ultimate Engagement

WhatsApp emerged as a game-changer for businesses taking marketing to a whole different level. It’s a platform where the art of communication meets the science of marketing to create a smooth way of reaching audiences far and wide. One of the wonders of this app is the WhatsApp Newsletter and if you’re wondering what that is then you will get all answers here today. Forget worrying about sending out email newsletters and them ending up in spam. With WhatsApp, everything shifts drastically.

WhatsApp Business

If you wish to tap into this dynamic channel to boost your customer engagement, drive sales, or stay ahead of the competition then keep reading to find out everything about WhatsApp Business Newsletter.

What is a WhatsApp Newsletter

A WhatsApp newsletter or broadcast is a one-to-many message businesses can send to their WhatsApp opt-in contact list. Simply put, it’s a mass message just like a promotional email but you get to reach your audience on a channel they are active on constantly. However, the WhatsApp end user sees it as an individual chat with your business and if they reply to you, it becomes a one-to-one communication.

It is very similar to BCC emails where recipients don’t see who else got the same email. WhatsApp newsletters have nothing to do with a WhatsApp group message that people exchange with friends and family. In the group setting, every member can see each other and communicate among themselves but in a broadcast, things are different. It is a mass message that recipients get and can interact with individually.

WhatsApp newsletters can be tremendous for sending time-sensitive updates or promotional messages to your customers if you don’t want to be bound to email and SMS.

Choose Trengo for Your WhatsApp Newsletter Tool

While sending newsletters via WhatsApp can sound really good, you need the WhatsApp Business API to get things running. Since it lacks an interface, Trengo comes as the best communication tool to take over things.


To start, get your demo here and unlock the power of Trengo to help you send the right newsletters and increase your reach.

Why Use WhatsApp Newsletter Service as a Marketing Tool?

WhatsApp has an audience of over 2 billion users which implies that the platform is part of people’s everyday lives. While folks may not pay much mind to emails or SMS alerts, they will always take time and have a look at who contacted them via WhatsApp. Where an email newsletter can be a long message often broken up by images, a WhatsApp newsletter is made up of a flow of short messages.

You can take your customers through a flow of multiple messages by clicking buttons. This makes newsletters a fun and interactive experience inviting the customer to start a conversation after reading the newsletter.

Below are some reasons why WhatsApp newsletters are a good choice:

  • WhatsApp messages get 100% delivery rates, around 98% open rates and are read almost instantly
  • It’s the most popular messaging app so it’s highly likely that your target customers are active on it
  • Your messages never go to spam because there’s no such thing in WhatsApp
  • It supports various media formats so the WhatsApp broadcast message can not only be content-rich but be very visually appealing
  • All WhatsApp campaigns are tracked and their performance is measured
  • WhatsApp marketing promises high engagement rates with minimal effort. This can be ideal for small business owners seeking dynamic results on a small budget

How to Send Out a WhatsApp Business Newsletter-A Step-by-Step Guide

Let’s get down to the good stuff and walk you through the process of sending out your WhatsApp business newsletter. Once you set up your WhatsApp Business API and Trengo, sending out a newsletter is super easy. Here’s how to do it.

Build Your Audience

Before you can send out a newsletter, you need to have an audience first. Trengo makes it easy to set up a contact group and later on, you can broadcast your newsletter to your contact group with the click of a button. The next step is to get subscribers to your newsletter.

Build an audience

Create Your Click-to-Chat Link

When you send out a newsletter, your recipient should be able to respond to you and that’s why creating a click-to-chat link with a pre-filled message is important. When somebody clicks this link, or scans the QR code attached to it, this will start a conversation with your WhatsApp Business account with a message ready to go. Your prospect only has to hit ‘send’ to sign up for the newsletter.

a click to chat link

This pre-filled message can be excellent as an opt-in for the newsletter. This is critical because just like email newsletters, you need the GDPR-compliant opt-ins for your WhatsApp newsletter. You can create a click-to-chat link with the following formula:


Setting Up a Rule

As you begin sending out the newsletter, slowly but surely the subscription messages will roll in and then you get to work. The next step is to ensure that those subscriptions are automatically added to your audience and for that, you can set up a simple rule. Rules can aid you in automatically tagging and assigning conversations, changing the status of a conversation, adding labels, etc. This considerably takes the load off and helps you focus on providing newsletter content your subscribers will find relevant.

How to Send WhatsApp Newsletters with Trengo

Now that we covered set up it’s time to send your newsletter with Trengo and we will explain how.

  • Head over to ‘Broadcast’. Here, you just need to select your audience, pick a template, and schedule the right time to send the newsletter.
send your newsletter with Trengo
  • Adding a Flowbot. If you only have a quick message to share, you can send out your newsletter as one message and be done with it. But when you want to share more information but need to add a nice engaging flair to it so the recipients are not bored with the tedious next, setting up a flowbot is the best way to go. This way you can set up a flow of messages to send once the subscriber interacts with the initial message.

A flowbot is very easy to set up and adds a professional and more interactive element to your newsletters enticing customers to engage with it.

WhatsApp Newsletter Template

For executing WhatsApp newsletter campaigns successfully, you need a template as this helps prevent spam. WhatsApp also introduced the 24-hour rule for businesses. This implies that a business cannot send an outbound message 24 hours after the last interaction with a customer unless they use a pre-approved template message. You can personalize these template messages by filling in placeholders such as [customer’s name], [product’s name], or [date and time].

Therefore, to send a newsletter, you also need to use a pre-approved template message and we have provided one below.

Here’s an example of what a template can look like:

Hey [customer’s name],

It’s time for the newsletter of [month]!

In this edition, we’ll cover:




You can edit this template as you like and personalize it to ensure it matches your brand’s tone. Moreover, you can add media like images, gifs, and emojis, to make things more pleasant and engaging.

WhatsApp Newsletter Examples

Whether you wish to treat your most loyal customers, reach a bigger audience, or merely use a more visual way to get in front of your target audience, WhatsApp newsletters can help businesses meet many goals. To understand how you can utilize newsletters with WhatsApp, here are some examples to inspire you.

Give Early Access

You can announce the upcoming launch via various social media platforms and attract customers to sign up for your WhatsApp newsletter to receive an early access code so they can shop the product exclusively. Then you can direct WhatsApp subscribers to an exclusive landing page where they can enter the code and access the new product. This can not only double the subscriber list but also help with sales.

Help with the Sales Process

Whether it is indecisiveness or confusion, customers take time before they finalize the purchase. You can help speed up the process by offering pop-ups as they shop to render their decision-making easier. Offer them a 20% discount if they sign up for the WhatsApp newsletter and this could make a lot of difference as they shop.

Cater to the Waiting List

Do you have products that sell out quickly? You can send your waiting list a WhatsApp Newsletter telling them if the product is back in stock and give them first dibs before they run out again. This can not only amplify sales but endear you to the customer when they see how dedicated you are to their needs.

Sending the Best WhatsApp Newsletters- Tips for You

Want to know how you can craft a newsletter that people read till the last word? Below we give you some tips to help you write the best WhatsApp newsletters.

Understand the Audience

Before you do anything, the first and most important aspect is understanding your audience. Ask yourself:

  • Who are your audience?
  • What are the problems these people face that you can help them solve?
  • What are their interests?
  • Why would they sign up for your newsletter?
  • What could they be seeking from these newsletters?
  • What valuable content can you provide?

Your subscribers sign up for a newsletter to get some exclusive content about important topics in the industry. If you waste their time by sending meaningless ramblings, they will unsubscribe at lightning speed. Understand them, and their needs and provide relevant content.

Keep it Short

No one has the time or patience to read long, drawn-out text. People live busy lives and if you want to grab their attention you have to do it quickly. You must understand the feeling and etiquette of a channel. The concept of WhatsApp is quick, friendly, and easy-going conversations so if you send generic text, it defeats the purpose. Keep your words short and pleasant.

Make sure to connect with the audience in a friendly manner via your newsletters.  If you have much to share in the newsletter, build it up out of various short messages, and add buttons to each letter giving subscriber navigation in the newsletter.

Your Brand’s Personality Is Key

As WhatsApp is such an interpersonal communication channel, it is critical to show your brand’s authenticity and personality. This less rigid and informal touch is what makes the channel powerful. Make sure every message you send depicts your unique brand personality and comes off as authentic. Write from a first-person perspective to make everything feel more human.

Enable Interaction

The essential power of successful newsletters is the ability to interact with the customer after you send it. Write content in a way that invites interaction from customers, this will help them build trust and give them the genuine energy they seek. Give them opportunities to reply.

Define Your Goal

What do you wish to achieve with the newsletter? Once you know what you need, this can help you take action accordingly. So, define your goal and pick an appropriate CTA to engage customers. Do you want to bring attention to a certain product or upcoming event? Is the goal to bring more engagement to the website? Keep everything clear and concise.


WhatsApp Newsletter has the potential to help you unlock a different world of engaging with your audience. With our guide, you can get all the insight to creating the best WhatsApp newsletters by adding a personal touch, sharing valuable and relevant content, and using interactive elements to connect with your audience on WhatsApp.


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