Chatbot WhatsApp pour les entreprises - Guide rapide

WhatsApp marketing is currently one of the fastest-growing kinds of digital marketing, with almost every firm allocating a portion of its money to this approach. Using WhatsApp Business, brands can communicate with clients via greeting messages, rapid answers, and company profiles. Some may even take things further with a WhatsApp Business API and explore the capability of chatbots.

Today, we discuss WhatsApp chatbot for business and tell you how you can set things up. So, without further ado.

What is a chatbot for WhatsApp business?

A WhatsApp chatbot for business is an automated software program using artificial intelligence and pre-programmed data. It is primarily for organizations implementing conversational commerce on the encrypted WhatsApp network so they can reach their audience better on the platform they prefer the most.


Aside from matching human conversational patterns effectively, WhatsApp’s chatbot can maintain a consistent tone and corporate identity throughout the discussion. This is especially essential in e-commerce since the bot can successfully communicate with consumers while saving time and effort in service clientèle, marketing, and sales.

A step-by-step guide to creating a chatbot for WhatsApp Business

Let’s dive into the process of creating a WhatsApp chatbot for Business.

Get WhatsApp Business API

While WhatsApp Business is feature-rich, to get a chatbot, you need WhatsApp Business API and a third-party automation tool like Trengo to act as the Business Service Provider. With Trengo, you can be live with the WhatsApp API in ten minutes. Réserver une démonstration to begin.

It would be best to give your company name, website URL, and a corporate representative’s name and contact information. The verification procedure might take up to four weeks, but once you are in, you can explore the numerous functionalities of the official WhatsApp Business.


Setting Up Chatbot with Trengo

Voici la marche à suivre pour configurer votre chatbot pour WhatsApp Business.

1. Naviguez vers Paramètres > Automatisation > Chatbots

Comment créer un chatbot WhatsApp

2. Configurer les paramètres du chatbot

  • Titre interne : Donnez un nom à votre robot.
  • Langue du chatbot : Choisissez une langue.
  • Chaînes : Choisissez WhatsApp comme canal de communication.
  • Google Cloud key: Insérez votre clé Google Cloud.

Et voilà ! Vous venez de créer votre propre chatbot WhatsApp Business.

Votre robot peut avoir plusieurs classifications de contenu. Considérons les catégories suivantes : prix, articles et services.

3. Navigate to ‘Categories’ and click the ‘Add category’ button.

Ajouter des catégories au Chatbot
  • Complétez le nom de votre catégorie.
  • Passez aux "questions" et donnez à votre chatbot différentes variantes pour le perfectionner.
Ajouter des questions au Chatbot

Test your WhatsApp Chatbot for Business

Only release a new feature after ensuring everything works properly. Test your chatbot for WhatsApp Business to see whether it works properly. Remember to evaluate it because it thoroughly influences your ultimate expérience du consommateur; vous pouvez vérifier les intégrations et découvrir les problèmes potentiels avant le lancement.

Use Cases for WhatsApp Chatbot for Business

The IT environment will be completely involved in developing artificial intelligence (AI) during the next 5-10 years. As a result, trained WhatsApp messaging bots may likely replace sales managers. Continue reading to discover the top four uses for a WhatsApp chatbot.

Marketing Unit

The WhatsApp chatbot is an effective marketing unit that can enable businesses to engage with customers 24/7, and give personalized recommendations and instant support, ultimately enhancing customer satisfaction and driving sales.

Service à la clientèle

According to Business Insider data, 67% of organizations worldwide utilize chatbots for customer service. The essential advantage of AI is that bots are accessible 24/7 allowing them to service clients at any time. Robotic systems have much faster reaction times and improved service quality.

Service à la clientèle

Making an order

Businesses may use a WhatsApp chatbot to automate checkout and increase processing speed. This approach benefits companies that get a high volume of orders of the same type. Bots may help handle both online discussions and phone calls. 


The WhatsApp chatbot may send customers discount codes, coupons, promotional messages, and more. This is a fantastic SMS marketing tool. A marketer or owner only needs to download the contact database and the prepared message template. The use of messaging bots in WhatsApp for business solves specific operational chores without human assistance.


WhatsApp Chatbot for Business can help your online company tremendously. It enables many startups and small business owners to engage clients actively. Understanding this program and its capabilities and how to utilize it properly can help you advance your business in the long term.

Creating a WhatsApp Business chatbot is no longer a complex process with the help of platforms like Trengo. So begin your free trial and get to exploring!


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