Away Message for WhatsApp Business Templates To Use (Message d'éloignement pour WhatsApp - Modèles d'entreprises à utiliser)

Sure your business is on WhatsApp and you have made an active presence known but have you ever wondered about your customers getting late replies or worse, none? This cannot be a very pleasant experience for them because they wished to interact with your brand and you left them disappointed.

Away Messages for WhatsApp Business

WhatsApp is used for instant communication, customers will be irritated if a company takes unreasonable time to respond to WhatsApp messages. Human-run businesses require breaks from their everyday tasks but thanks to automation, WhatsApp provides away messages with auto-reply tools, which let companies put up preset replies to notify clients of their availability. This helps in creating a consistent work atmosphere and reduces the likelihood of disputes. Today, we take a dive into the world of away message for WhatsApp Business bringing you the ultimate guide.

WhatsApp Business API

While WhatsApp Business is great for smaller businesses and comes with certain limitations, it introduced the WhatsApp Business API for larger enterprises who wish to manage their WhatsApp chats with a team. Because the API lacks an interface, you must link it to a customer service platform such as Trengo to use it.

WhatsApp Business API

With this smart customer engagement platform, you can provide the best customer experience via WhatsApp Business. You can receive WhatsApp messages together with all your other channels in one inbox (such as email, voice, and live chat), use WhatsApp Business with multiple users, create your own Chatbot WhatsApp, and more. To begin, get your free demo!

How to set up away message WhatsApp business – Easy Guide

Below are the various times Trengo allows you to set up an away message WhatsApp business.

  • During normal business hours
  • Outside of regular business hours
  • On specified days (for example, just on weekends)

Setting up away messages for business whatsApp

  1. Navigate to Trengo settings > automation > auto-replies.
  2. Select the green plus symbol.
  3. Choose WhatsApp as a channel.
  4. Determine when the auto-reply should be released.
  5. Fill the blanks with the message you wish to send to your consumers.
  6. Remember to save your work.

Benefits of using best away messages for Whatsapp business

Let’s talk about some benefits of using the WhatsApp business away message feature for your customers.

  • It reminds users that you are momentarily accessible for assistance, establishing expectations.
  • It can indicate when the company is accessible again for assistance.
  • It may provide alternate communication routes for obtaining real-time support.
  • It ensures that consumers are heard and not ignored.
  • It can keep fresh leads or revenue-generating possibilities from slipping away.

Best Practices to Use When Drafting Away Messages for Business WhatsApp

Here are some tips to ensure you implement the best practices and get the most out of your away messages.

  • Keep your message brief. It should be short enough to be informative but not confusingly long.
  • Be clear about when you will be available. Alternatively, advise that the company will contact you once working hours restart.
  • Mention the day and time when the customer may expect a response. It creates assurance and guarantees customers do not leave because of poor client service.
  • In lieu of WhatsApp, provide other contact information for the call center, courriel, or social media where quick help may be accessed.
away messages best practices

Don’t worry; we’ve created several WhatsApp Business Away message templates for you. They will help you provide suitable interaction to establish the customer relationship.

away message Template For WhatsApp Business You Can Use

There is no such thing as a universal away message in the auto-reply world because if you keep things generic, it is highly likely to drive the customer away since they cannot feel your sincerity. Here are some templates to help you communicate with users more effectively and set up the best away messages for WhatsApp business.

WhatsApp Business Away Message Example for General inquiries

When responding to inquiries after business hours or when your salespeople are unavailable, use WhatsApp away messages.

  • Thank you for taking the time to consider us. Allow us 4 hours to provide the information you want.
  • We would be delighted to have you as a customer.
  • Our office hours are [time] to [time].
away messages for General inquiries

WhatsApp away messages for Customer Service

Most WhatsApp messages sent to your company are most likely requests for service clientèle. Here are some WhatsApp away messages that help you look helpful to customers as you fix their problems.

  • Hey. We’re sorry to hear about your circumstances. Allow us [number of hours] to respond with a viable solution.
  • Thank you for contacting [company name]. Our customer service representatives will contact you and give a solution when we open the office on [day and hour].
  • While we are now OOO, we promise to handle your issue as soon as our offices open on [day and time]

Away Message for Business WhatsApp to inform About downtimes

Communicating downtimes to customers on WhatsApp in advance can help firms plan for future challenges and maintain a customer-centric brand. Here are several examples:

  • We apologize for the inconvenience caused by our systems being unavailable for maintenance beginning [date and time].
  • Please be patient with us as we work to deliver the best services possible during this brief outage.


Creating a thoughtful away message for WhatsApp business can strengthen online interactions by controlling expectations and limits. It promotes more profound understanding and reduces errors by communicating unavailability with clarity. With our recommended platform: Trengo, you can provide the best customer service using the auto-reply for your WhatsApp Business Account. Réserver une démonstration today!


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