Votre guide pour une stratégie de service client omnicanal

If there’s one that constantly demands attention, it’s giving exceptional customer service. Stellar customer service experiences bank on providing your shoppers convenient paths to contact support agents on whichever channel suits them best. While you might fret and wonder how can you be available everywhere, this is where omnichannel customer service comes in and makes everything possible. With an excellent omnichannel customer service strategy, businesses can seamlessly manage customer interactions on multiple communication channels such as emails, SMS, live chat, social media, etc.

But the question arises: how to implement an omnichannel customer service strategy? You are in luck because today we explore this aspect. Read on as we guide you through the process of delivering exceptional omnichannel customer service to your audience.

What is Omnichannel Customer Service?

In the constantly evolving digital landscape where customers have certain expectations from brands, omnichannel customer service helps a business offer multiple options for customer support that connect across different channels seamlessly. For instance, providing unified customer support via conversation channels like SMS or live chat, phone calls, and social media apps is an omnichannel approach to customer service. Alongside providing your consumers with various touchpoints for contacting customer support agents, self-service support resources like a knowledge base, FAQs page, and Chatbots alimentés par l'IA can also serve as valuable elements of an omnichannel customer service strategy.

What is Omnichannel Customer Service

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Why Employ an Omnichannel Customer Service Strategy?

To ensure you make the best decisions when it comes to your customers’ needs, opting for an omnichannel approach can be a smart decision. Take an example. If a customer support situation began on Instagram, then carried on to a text message conversation, and concluded with a phone call, imagine your customer had to repeat the issue in all situations. That can be extremely taxing and frustrating. With omnichannel customer service, the customer has to explain the issue once and it carries across multiple channels of their preference.

Such customer experience becomes less exhausting because:

  • The consumer doesn’t need to recap their original issue on each communication channel.
  • A single conversation flows from one platform to another—which is as great for your team as it is for the customer.

Simply put, customers seek quick and easy experiences regardless of the channel they opt for, and omnichannel support fuels this fluidity. Therefore, in this perspective, omnichannel customer support can be critical for your business.

How to Implement an Omnichannel Customer Service Strategy

While the purpose of an omnichannel experience is straightforward, enterprises continue to test how to manage it effectively. Many brands have no problem managing a multichannel experience model, but industry experts are turning their attention towards omnichannel to establish a stronger and more pleasant experience for customers.

Now we dive into assessing methods that develop an optimized workflow and discuss how to implement omnichannel customer service effectively.

Understand Your Customers

The first thing to do is understand how your target audience behaves. Everything starts here—and if you cut corners in this step, it can cause a lot of issues down the line. As omnichannel experiences are solely about providing a fluid and convenient customer journey, it is critical to understand what channels your customers prefer or how they prefer to communicate.

Understand Your Customers

Collect Relevant Data

Gather all relevant information regarding your customer. This must include their preferences for interacting with your brand. Having a good CRM system can be a perfect place to start, so review whatever analytics tools you utilize. This can enable you to learn more about how your customers like to reach out when they need support.

Do a Survey

Getting a survey out can be a great way to include your customers’ answers. This will help you identify their pain points and obstacles allowing you to establish a better strategy. If a visitor on your website performs a certain action, offer a pop-up with a quick survey regarding their experience or satisfaction while using the site. You would be surprised how much valuable insight you can gather this way.

Use the Right Tool for Omnichannel Customer Support

Technology has a lot to offer but it can only benefit you if you choose the right options. Suitable technology is crucial for delivering an uninterrupted omnichannel customer experience and that’s why we suggest Trengo.

It can help your customers transition between your company’s app and a chatbot easily. You must utilize the right digital tools to enable real-time data flow and the best support for customers.

Choose the Right Elements

Use the right elements for an omnichannel customer experience that can make things easier for you. AI-powered customer service solutions like chatbots and live chat can work wonders for helping your customers. You can use chatbots to interact with customers 24/7 and provide real-time solutions to quick queries. Give prompt support for the sales and support-related concerns with live chat to enable happy customer experiences.

Monitoring Matters

When you implement a strategy, keep your eyes on it because your work is not done. Let it run and keep making adjustments as you go to ensure better performance and results.

Monitoring Matters


Implementing an omnichannel customer service strategy is not as daunting as it sounds. All you need is the right understanding of your customer base and the perfect tools to get you going. You can nurture your customer relationships and fuel loyalty to your brand with an omnichannel approach and Trengo can help you every step of the way.


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