Enfrentamiento entre WhatsApp Business y WhatsApp Messenger: Principales diferencias y características

WhatsApp burst into the scene as the most successful messaging app and it didn’t take long for it to penetrate the business world. With WhatsApp Business, the app changed the game for entrepreneurs and companies. Shaping their businesses for smoother customer engagement, marketing, and overall efficacy. Today, brands cannot imagine running their name without a solid presence on the WhatsApp platform.

However, many wonder about the whole WhatsApp Business vs. Messenger fiasco and we are here to clear things up.

Below are the key differences between these two and their distinct operations.

WhatsApp Messenger

The standard WhatsApp messenger is designed for personal use. You can add your friends, family, and colleagues and chat with them, share files, do audio and video calls, create groups, etc.

WhatsApp Negocios

Aimed at small to medium businesses, WhatsApp Business’ purpose is to help entrepreneurs keep in touch with their customers and execute successful marketing campaigns. However, if you need a bigger scale for your company and customer base then WhatsApp Business API can take care of you. It requires a third-party tool to operate and we recommend Trengo as the ultimate solution. To begin using Trengo, consiga aquí su demo 

WhatsApp Business vs Messenger: Key differences 

Now we will get into the WhatsApp Messenger vs WhatsApp Business showdown. We explored various aspects to differentiate the two platforms and all they have to offer.

Profile View

The first distinction is how your profile appears in both versions. In regular WhatsApp, you have your name, image, number, and status of your choice.

However, the business app displays your company’s name, category, logo, website URL, and product catalog. Moreover, you can add your company’s description, mention working hours, and add your location.

Acceda a

WhatsApp Messenger and Business allow access to one device only. If you wish to use it on another number, you must go through the authentication process and deactivate the other account.

But WhatsApp Business allows linking four devices simultaneously via WhatsApp Web so multiple employees can access and handle everyday operations.

You can also run WhatsApp Messenger and WhatsApp Business on the same device but the numbers must be different.

Web Compatibility

Both WhatsApp and Business versions work on your desktop thanks to WhatsApp Web. You can manage operations on your computer and don’t have to feel stuck using a mobile device.


The platform uses the same layout for both versions. It’s easy to navigate even for the least tech-savvy folks. Except for a logo distinction, there’s no difference.


Anyone can download both applications for free from Google Play or the Apple Store.


Meta offers end-to-end encryption on both applications so your interactions are safe.

With regular WhatsApp, the app cannot access your location, hear calls, or read messages. The Business version can collect customer details to enhance the shopping experience.


While WhatsApp Messenger has no such feature, the Business app allows you to label contacts and conversations. This can be terrific for customer segmentation and targeting enabling you to execute better marketing campaigns.

Businesses can also label the buyers based on conversation types like existing or new customers, a lead, sale, or even complaints. This organization can be valuable in handling queries smoothly.

Messaging Reach

With constant updates to appease the audience, WhatsApp has enabled Broadcast Messages on both versions where you can contact up to 256 people simultaneously. Moreover, if your contacts surpass that number then you can also shoot out multiple broadcasts to ensure you reach everyone.

However, the users must have your number in their contact list otherwise they will not see the broadcast.

WhatsApp Business further automates your greeting messages for new users, away messages when business hours are over, and instant replies to FAQs. This automation is possible via Trengo as it helps remove human involvement from redundant tasks.

Compartir multimedia

You can share audio files, videos, documents, and photos on both platforms without any limitations. This enhances the user experience on both apps and makes executing marketing operations easier.

Payment Feature

WhatsApp has come a long way from gaining fame as a messaging app. Thanks to the constant advancements, WhatsApp now offers an in-chat payment method to help you send or receive money via UPI ID.

You can access this feature on both versions as this strategic move facilitates immensely while enabling a stronger and better end-to-end shopping experience for the users.

WhatsApp Messenger vs Business: face off

WhatsApp Messenger vs Business

WhatsApp Messenger vs Business: The Verdict

If you want to build trust, show authenticity, and amplify team efficiency then WhatsApp Business is the way to go. While WhatsApp Messenger offers many features, it is ideal for personal use only.


As the biggest connectivity app, WhatsApp reigns supreme in helping businesses reach a wider audience. If you are seeking WhatsApp solutions on a bigger scale then we put our trust in Trengo and recommend you the same.

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