Descubre las funciones de WhatsApp Business en 2023

People today invest most of their time on social media so it only makes sense for businesses to reach out to customers more quickly through these platforms. Companies may now offer support and sales opportunities to their clients 24/7, thanks to new capabilities for messaging applications.

In this post, we explore and analyze the features of Business WhatsApp and how to use them effectively.

understanding WhatsApp Business Account

En WhatsApp negocios account is an Android and iOS app created with small company owners in mind. It is helpful software for interacting with clients that includes a variety of extra functions. WhatsApp Business App allows WhatsApp administrators to exchange text messages, photos, videos, and music and serves as a sophisticated platform for B2C and B2B services.

WhatsApp Business Account

With WhatsApp, admins may send appointment reminders, get order notifications, confirm delivery warnings, give, or receive confirmation codes, set up company survey messages, and boost customer engagement and relationships.

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What are the Features of WhatsApp Business Account to Increase Customer Experience?

Let’s explore the latest features of WhatsApp Business that can help make your brand shine.

Company Profile

The company profile offers the business a distinct “face” and personality that helps attract customers. WhatsApp must check that this is a confirmed business account before placing a “Verified” symbol next to the business’s name.

business profile

If you wish to send messages to your customers, you may design messaging templates. Most importantly, it assists the customers you serve in obtaining info such as:

  • Company name
  • Working hours
  • Address of the store/business
  • Location pin that corresponds
  • Website links Email ID
  • Contact information
  • A concise business description

To make changes to your company profile, follow these steps:

  • Open WhatsApp Business > Settings > your company name.
  • To make an update, tap on any field > Save.

Quick Replies

Over 2 billion people globally choose WhatsApp, its Quick Reply function saves you much time and energy. You can quickly set up and send texts for responding to frequently asked questions with emojis!

respuestas rápidas

How to enable a quick response?

Follow these steps, and you are ready to go!

  • Go to Settings>Business Settings>Quick Replies.
  • Click the plus (+) symbol in the top right corner to make the reply.
  • To add a message, click the message button.
  • Set your keywords to find the messages conveniently.
  • Click the Save button.


When an end-user sends you a message, and you want to save the conversation, use WhatsApp’s fantastic “Label” function. Labels can be added to your conversations to assist you in remembering and organizing your communications.


You can customize labels to your preferences, such as order, position, and new customers. You may also use cool colors to distinguish your titles and create up to 20 Labels in WhatsApp.

Making Use of a WhatsApp Label

Hold down a message or a conversation > Select Label > You can add an existing label or create a new one.

Locating WhatsApp Labelled Content

Navigate to the Chats screen > More Options > Labels > Choose a label.

Alternatively, you may view all labels linked with the conversation by tapping on a contact’s profile photo or group symbol from the Chats panel.

Greeting Messages

You may set up automated greeting messages for those who contact you when they message you for the very first time or after 14 days of inactivity on WhatsApp.

Greeting Messages

Configuring WhatsApp greeting messages:

Tap More options > Settings > Business settings > Greeting message to see the menu.

Select Send greeting message.

Tap and select from the following recipients:

  • Everyone: send a greeting message to every person who contacts you after hours.
  • Everyone not in the address book: To send the greeting message to numbers that aren’t in your address book, type “everyone not in the address book.”
  • Everyone except: to send the greeting message to everyone except a specific number.
  • Only send to: For sending the greeting message to a specific group of recipients.
  • SAVE the file.

Automated Messages

Set up automated messages on your WhatsApp business account, such as greeting messages, FAQs, and much more. This allows users to contact your company and receive responses quickly, resulting in satisfaction with your business.

Automated Messages

WhatsApp is the apparent winner regarding cost, efficiency, interface, and consumer choice.

Several Reasons Why WhatsApp is the Best Marketing Tool

  • This platform is secure, and you may have a personal dialogue with customers/agents.
  • It is simple and accessible to consumers, providing a degree of comfort to users. It also facilitates rapid communication between clients and agents.
  • It promotes more outstanding communication between consumers and agents. You may directly ask your consumers questions.
  • You may communicate creatively by organizing communications, automating processes, and responding quickly to inquiries. You may transfer films, images, PDFs, gifs, voice recordings, and other files via a variety of methods.


WhatsApp connects billions and is granting businesses endless possibilities for reaching and engaging with its massive audience. With such abundant and practical features of WhatsApp Business, companies are now able to interact with customers on the platform they love and do it quickly and at scale.


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