WhatsApp Shared Inbox - Der ultimative Leitfaden 2023

Boasting an audience base like no other, WhatsApp reigns supreme as the most popular messaging app globally. So, it comes as no surprise that businesses worldwide use it for communication and you should do the same. However, it can get stressful for your team to manage the WhatsApp inbox via the WhatsApp web or just the WhatsApp Business app. While WhatsApp’s popularity helped many businesses get in touch with their customers by introducing a personal way of communication, it made connecting quicker, smoother, and more efficient but there are a few limitations.

We are talking massive volumes of queries to handle and matters to sort.  If you seek answers for this situation then you are in the right spot because today, we dive deep into WhatsApp Shared Inbox!

So, let’s talk more about what exactly a shared WhatsApp inbox is and the best practices you can employ to increase productivity!

What is Shared WhatsApp Inbox?

First things first, let’s discuss what a shared WhatsApp inbox is so we can ensure to cover all bases.

A WhatsApp shared inbox acts as a joint team inbox allowing your sales or communication personnel to respond to customers or users from one interface. Simply put, it lets the entire team send, receive, and track messages in one spot ergo making customer support management more efficient and easier than ever. This magical solution allows you to see all messages in one space and manage them easily by assignments, labels, and collaboration.

Shared WhatsApp Inbox

Imagine the relief of saying goodbye to switching between endless conversations when you can have a centralized spot handling everything. This is what a shared inbox can do for you. It’s much smarter than having everyone manage their own WhatsApp conversations for it keeps everything organized. Moreover, with a shared inbox, you can not only keep your customers happy with prompt service but let your team breathe easy too!

With a team inbox, business owners and team managers can swiftly view all prospective customers who might be showing interest in the company and its products/services.

When to Use a WhatsApp Shared Inbox?

Hearing all the hype and praise about the wonders of a shared inbox, it is natural to wonder how will you know if you need to use one. Don’t fret because we will answer everything in this guide. If you wish to leverage the power of the most popular messaging app to boost your business then you should consider using the shared inbox for WhatsApp.

Assess your daily situation. Do you get a large volume of messages on your WhatsApp Business and your sales, support, or marketing team members are mainly handling those? If the answer is yes then it is about time you thought about adding a WhatsApp shared inbox because it can change the game for you. To elaborate, here are some questions you should be asking yourself if you want to know whether getting a shared inbox is the wise choice for you.

  • Are you receiving and handling more than 30 messages every day?
  • Did you ever miss out on any message?
  • Do you need your team’s input in answering the messages and handling customers?
  • Do you also take part in answering messages from various soziale Medien platforms?

If you nodded yes to at least two questions, it is time to add a shared inbox for WhatsApp to the mix!

Trust Trengo as Your WhatsApp Shared Inbox Platform

To start you should look for a good shared team inbox provider and our vote lies with Trengo! This ultimate customer connection platform can hook you up in no time and get things running smoothly.

WhatsApp Shared inbox with Trengo

Begin your demo and give your customers the best service.

How Does a WhatsApp Shared Inbox Work?

Now we are going to explain how shared inbox works and integrates with your system.

You can activate a WhatsApp team inbox after getting WhatsApp Business API and Trengo is the best choice for that. It can help you set up in no time so let’s talk about how you can get your shared inbox going with Trengo.

How to Set Up a WhatsApp Shared Inbox in Trengo

Ready to get on the shared inbox ship? Below is a step-by-step guide on how to get your shared inbox set up in Trengo.

  • Begin your Trengo trial. Answer a few quick questions to register, and then your free 14 days of Trengo begin.
Trengo shared inbox
  • Create your team. After setting up your account, hit Settings > Organizations > Teams, and tap “Create a team” or hit the green plus. You can set up your teams by department, location, or a through communication channel like WhatsApp.
  • Adding users. Move to Settings > Organizations > Users, then choose “Invite User.” Invite members using their email addresses, full names, and roles.
adding users
  • Connect your communication channel. Now comes connecting to WhatsApp. Tap Settings > Channels, select WhatsApp and follow the steps given by Trengo as the process is a tad different for every channel.
  • Time to set up automation as you see fit. Trengo offers plenty of automations so explore those and see what works best for your team and customers. You can set up automated messages, and campaigns or even create flowbots and chatbots to get things rolling smoothly.
set up automation

There you go! These simple steps will have your WhatsApp shared inbox ready in no time starting your journey towards success. We understand how overwhelming it can be to keep customers happy so Trengo pays extra attention and provides ample ease to make everything manageable without needing any technical knowledge.

Moreover, if you are wondering whether multiple teams can use a shared WhatsApp inbox to respond to the customers then yes, absolutely! You can get as many team members or support personnel on the inbox and get them to have a conversation with buyers on WhatsApp simultaneously.

Benefits WhatsApp Shared Inbox Free Offers

Getting to the good stuff, let’s talk about some advantages a WhatsApp shared inbox brings you.

Instant Resolutions

When all message inboxes appear on one screen, every member of the team can view customer queries and respond to them without switching tabs. This also helps team managers and supervisors keep an eye on important conversations and mediate if need be to resolve problems faster. All this efficiency works great for resolving matters quickly rather than delaying them and irritating the consumers.

Enhanced Security

No more sharing credentials and raising security concerns. With WhatsApp inbox, you can create one account that your entire team can log into and access messages from giving everyone freedom with ample security.

Enhanced Security

Automation Ease

With technology evolving, automation has become all the rage and can have great applications in chat. WhatsApp’s shared inbox lets you set greetings messages, away messages, bulk messages, instant replies, etc. Furthermore, the Business-API comes with some advanced features that can let your team automate the whole message flow and streamline the entire sales process eliminating much manual intervention!

Quick Response

No customer queries go unnoticed. Since all messages appear on one screen, each member can understand the customer’s issue and if one misses it someone else can see it and try to reply quickly.

Determining Message Priorities

The best thing about a shared inbox is how members can assign priority based on the severity of the situation. With the urgency levels, you can address the high-priority messages first and then the support team can tackle other messages after that.

Improved Customer Experience

Your WhatsApp shared inbox helps the sales, support, and marketing team stay on the pulse of customer concerns. They can interact quickly and resolve situations smoothly which can result in satisfied customers. Enhancing your customers’ experience is the ultimate business goal and a shared inbox can do much to deliver that.

Improved Customer Experience

How to Manage Your WhatsApp Shared Inbox?

The process is simple. Once you set things up, it’s all smooth sailing after that. Your team members can log into the dashboard via their WhatsApp web or even mobile app to get things going. They can:

  • Assign tickets to themselves and reply to chat requests on WhatsApp.
  • Business owners can also see all customer conversations, monitor all actions of the support team, and even intervene if they see fit.

A shared WhatsApp inbox lets you focus on the things that matter most without stressing over missing customer inquiries or support lacking in performance. You can put your attention towards expanding business and reaching audiences far and wide. Get out of the hassle of worrying about menial tasks because tools like shared inboxes propel you toward success.

If you are ready for multi-device WhatsApp collaboration in mere minutes then choose Trengo and begin today.

WhatsApp Business Shared Inbox- Best Practices

As you integrate WhatsApp shared inbox in your Kommunikation process, to ensure things run smoothly, you can establish some SOPs. This can help keep the process efficient and effective.

Responsibility is Key

Every member you onboard in the shared WhatsApp inbox should be trained properly to view customers’ messages and respond in an appropriate and professional manner no matter what the situation. If a member fails to understand how to solve a query they should be instructed to immediately connect with the supervisor or a senior member to ensure the issue is properly addressed.

This is important because if you want to keep an organizational culture and a transparent policy, encourage members to learn from each other. Your team members must also be trained to coordinate with colleagues from other departments to understand customer queries efficiently.

Craft Templates and Training Materials

It can be a daunting experience for new hires to understand the workings of your shared inbox on WhatsApp. Therefore, it is on you to create helping material to guide them. Aside from that, you can record the finalized processes while tackling a challenging situation and the responses you opted for to help your team prepare for any such unforeseen situations.

Communication styles can vary but as a brand, you need consistency. You must ensure your responses to customers are consistent in style and sound professional.

Track Metrics

Understanding some key metrics can go a long way in creating a smooth operation. How many Nachrichten do you receive in a day? What are the most common customer concerns? Keeping a record of these questions will let you incorporate valuable insights into your business decisions. Each member can record some observations every day and use this information to understand various things about your products/services and customers.

Track Metrics

Consider Security

Managing customer information mandates tight security. Therefore, come up with strong passwords to protect customers’ data and your sensitive business information when working with a shared WhatsApp inbox. You must ensure all team members comply with the security protocols such as never using the shared inbox for personal messaging, no password sharing, and no logging in with unsafe networks.

No Missed Messages

Anytime your team views customers’ messages, keep in mind that your buyers took time out of their lives to reach out to you. So, when you respond show professionalism and make the customer feel like you care and they can trust you. Your goal should be missing no messages even if you get hundreds of inquiries.

Conclude Positively

It is essential to train your team to conclude customer conversations on a happy and positive note by adding some value. This gives you the chance to foster long-lasting relationships and have a good reputation. Everyone likes to be heard and respected so ensure you deliver the right services with the best attitude. Treat your customers with respect and give them the attention they deserve to make them feel special.

Conclude Positively


WhatsApp shared inbox is a dynamic tool that can change the communication game for your business and team. It can be a must-have for any company looking to stay efficient and responsive in this fast-paced digital age. We hope our guide gave you a good look into the various aspects of using a WhatsApp shared inbox. To get things rolling, choose Trengo and get your shared WhatsApp inbox today!


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