Service client AI Shopify : Avantages et cas d'utilisation

Gone are the days when AI was a thing limited to sci-fi stories. Today, businesses cannot survive without automating their interactions and operations thanks to AI-powered customer service solutions. E-commerce companies implement AI across various business functions to help automate their operations and improve efficiency, and Shopify is no exception to the rule. Today, we will discuss the benefits and use cases of AI customer service Shopify to help you learn how you can streamline business and improve customer interactions.

What is Shopify AI Customer Service?

Using AI customer service for Shopify is all about automating certain tasks and handling customer inquiries without needing human intervention, you can be available to your customers 24/7 and don’t have to be online. AI solutions like chatbots, resources, and digital assistants can help take the load off so you can take care of other pressing matters saving much time and budget.

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Use Cases of AI in Customer Service for Shopify

Let’s talk about the different ways you can utilize AI for Shopify customer service solutions and boost business.

Give Personalized Recommendations

With AI, you can give your customers an experience like never before. Based on their user data from past purchases, customer behavior, and browsing history, recommend relevant products to keep them engaged and coming back for more. For instance, NLP-based AI solutions can understand online shoppers’ language and images and then match them with their desired products. With features such as “People also purchased” or “Customers also viewed”, you can suggest complementary products based on brand, fabric, size, shape, and color.

Have a Chatbot

Thanks to the wonders of technology, you can deploy a chatbot or virtual assistant on Shopify with Trengo to act as a customer service representative for your brand. It can help buyers with their queries and facilitate online shopping by giving tips. You can program your chatbot to understand and respond to customer requests by feeding it data and variations.

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Smoother Operations

An AI-powered chatbot for Shopify can tackle various aspects eliminating human involvement. You can program it to handle simple transactions, process orders, and give personalized offers to customers rendering it easier to manage a large volume of requests across multiple point-of-sales channels. You can also integrate AI into your checkout page so customers can inquire about product details, quantities for popular items, and shipping information, without abandoning the cart.

Detect and Prevent Fraud

With AI customer service solutions, you can have ample data at your disposal to ward off any fraudulent activity. You can analyze data to detect any anomalies and monitor transactions in real-time. AI can spot unusual transactions like high-value transfers and various transactions within a short span of time from unfamiliar locations. Flag them for further investigation and inform your team about the situation too so everybody can be cautious.

Moreover, you can analyze the user profiles and compare any suspicious consumers with historical data of genuine clients to identify fraudulent behavior.

Benefits of Using AI Customer Service for Shopify

We are going to explore some advantages of utilizing AI-powered solutions for Shopify customer service.

Increased Sales

If you want to create a more efficient workflow and amp up sales then AI can do that for you. It can help create a smoother sales process by gathering and analyzing customer data to personalize the sales funnel. When you have more data, you can engage with the right prospects and give the right message at the perfect time.

Serve Customers 24/7

Whether you have a small or medium Shopify business, you need to deliver exceptional customer service. Nothing will annoy your potential buyer more than waiting hours for a simple answer to their question. This is where AI solutions like chatbots come to save the day. They instantly answer the customer and if human intervention is required then the chatbot will redirect the customer. The purpose is there will be something to tide over your consumer rather than silence and inactivity.

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Better Scalability

With human customer support, you can always expect bottlenecks because there are not enough agents to manage all the work. When your business expands, your customer base widens too so you need efficiency every step of the way. Digital assistants or chatbots can handle much larger volumes of requests in one go while engaging clients with the ease of a chat en direct. One bot is capable of taking over the task of dozens of human agents! So why not use that to your advantage?

Save Time and Resources

When you opt for AI aid in customer support, it automates various redundant processes that can take hours for humans to handle. Automation enables you to reduce labor costs while improving operational efficacy so you can dedicate less time to maintenance and more time where it is needed most: growing your business.


Adopting the right customer service practices for your e-commerce venture can a long way in establishing your business for long-term success. With AI customer service at play, your customers are happy and business thrives! So, don’t wait to make the right decisions for your brand.


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