What is Marketing Automation and Why is it Used

Working hard on improving the customer journey is what every business desires. You want your marketing to be so smooth and seamless that customers feel connected and seen. Whenever they want to interact with your brand, they receive the top-quality service they seek. Naturally, that entails constant activity across all essential channels, sending customers trigger emails, offers, campaign invitations, engaging customers, and generating leads. Handling these redundant tasks manually every day is not possible.

This is where marketing automation comes in and takes all the load away. But what is marketing automation, you ask? Today we will delve deep and discuss what marketing automation is, what it does for your business, and why it is crucial.

So, read on to find out all the answers.

What is Marketing Automation

Let’s start by discussing what is automated marketing. It is an approach to automate all marketing tasks to eliminate human involvement.

Marketing Automation

This technology automatically manages multifunctional campaigns and other marketing activities across various channels. Ensuring consistent and quality performance across all avenues should be your goal, and automation can effectively achieve that. With automated marketing, your business can work smoother as it targets customers with automated business messages across social media, email, texts, etc.

These messages shoot out automatically as per your set instructions or ‘workflows’. You can define these workflows by using templates, both custom or built-in, from the platform. You can also modify things mid-campaign to tweak and attain better results.

Automated marketing makes it easy to test and improve as you go. It benefits tremendously in ways such as:

  • By using marketing automation for programming their sales activities and digital marketing campaigns.
  • It aids in increasing revenue and maximizing efficiency.
  • When you use automation effectively to tackle repetitive tasks, your employees are free to focus on higher-order matters.
  • It amps up productivity levels and ensures minimum human errors.
  • Automated marketing can help generate, nurture, and score leads while measuring your ROI on active campaigns.
  • It can save time and money as your business grows and moves on to other complexities.

You need automation integration as much as possible to ensure your company is running with a steady pace and performance while achieving all objectives. With a good marketing automation system at your disposal, nothing is standing in your way.

What is a Marketing Automation Platform

Wondering how marketing automation works? This is where you need a platform that can help manage everything in one place. But what is marketing automation software? It is the technology that can handle all your routine tasks sans human action.


Our top choice is Trengo: a feature-rich marketing automation platform that can set you up in no time and take care of all your automation needs. This tool aims to dedicate itself to your business’ success and be your ultimate automation partner. You can automate everything from email marketing, and lead generation to personalized advertising, behavioral targeting, social media, and much more. You can start by getting your demo here!

What Does Marketing Automation Do?

Marketing automation is fundamentally a collection of tools that aim to streamline some of the most exhausting and time-consuming tasks of the modern sales and marketing realm. It is unfathomable to manually execute these tasks because that can be out of human capacity. Therefore, automation is the need of the hour.

Enable Automation

From automating your lead qualification journey to establishing a hub for online campaign creation, automated marketing focuses on simplifying the business world that is rapidly growing and multifaceted; it mandates automation and machine involvement.

Swift Operations

Automated marketing enables a sound digital marketing strategy where you don’t have to think thrice before manually pressing ‘send’ on every message, email, social media post, or campaign. With human involvement, you second guess all the time, while the automation process needs some data feeding, and it is good to go error-free.

Swift Operations

Trengo for Ultimate Marketing Automation

We believe in grand automation tools like Trengo that can help you identify the target audience, design your perfect content then automatically trigger the right actions on schedules and buyer behavior. Once you roll out the campaign, you can focus solely on other complicated tasks instead of worrying. You can analyze marketing objectives as results pour in and make amends as you go.

With the right automation marketing strategy, you save resources and drive ROI and revenue while focusing on growing.

What is Marketing Automation in CRM

Marketing automation works on a simple principle in CRM: you collect the customer data through various interactions on your CRM, and then this data aids in creating a complete view of every customer. You get all their information, such as demographics, preferences, shopping behavior, age, etc.

So, what is marketing automation integration with CRM? Your tool works with your CRM to handle all the nitty gritty so you can rest easy. From customer segmentation, and targeting to determining them at scale. It helps create personalized messaging for every buyer automatically based on their unique profile.

With such a bespoke approach and relevant content creation, you can:

  • Deliver a fantastic experience to your customers.
  • Build strong relationships.
  • There will be no human error when automated marketing effectively manages every little detail.

What Are the Features of Marketing Automation

With all the good automation marketing has to offer, many overlook the core functionalities that could make all the difference. The goal of automation is to wield all the power and use it to optimize your marketing operations. Below we touch upon certain features that you must consider to understand does marketing automation means for your business.

Lead Management

One of the core features your automation tool should have is a thorough lead process. Everything from generating leads to nurturing, scoring, and handling all the steps smoothly. It should enable your marketing and sales team to collaborate and gain more leads.

Email Marketing

The automation software you opt for must proffer end-to-end campaign functionality. Every major buyer interaction – from the first contact to purchasing discussion to any product queries – transpires via emails. For centralized and steady communication, you need an email marketing feature to help you schedule email campaigns and improve customer interactions.

Social Media Marketing

Social media automation is a critical aspect of today’s digital market landscape. Hence, your automation tool should be able to easily integrate your social media with your software so that you can track and analyze customers’ social presence and activities.

Also, it will allow you to post messages on various social media channels.

Real-time Alerts

The automation platform should offer real-time auto alerts you can send to your team. This can be great for situations where a workflow needs attention; an automatic alert goes to the respective members asking them to perform a particular action. This feature is vital when your marketing team steers leads toward the sale and needs them to act swiftly.

Organized Workflow

No matter what your automation needs, a fundamental workflow organization is compulsory. The tool should proffer quick workflow composition and management. Your main aim is to hike productivity levels, and an organized process is what you need. With properly planned workflows, everything is simple to follow and optimized for maximum results.

Trigger Responses

You want to be at the pulse of customer engagement, so your automation platform should have real-time trigger messages to send to your customers. Every response must be quick because the slightest delay can lead to losing a customer. You must be able to schedule your responses based on unique actions so you can re-engage potential customers quickly.

Custom Templates

If a tool cannot provide custom options, it defeats the purpose of automation. Your customers expect personalized treatment, so your automation should allow you to customize your emails and newsletters or modify current ones. Pre-made templates should have quick editing freedom to choose a design that resonates with your brand’s theme and voice. You must present your services/products perfectly to the customer to reel them in successfully.

Personalized Messages

Bespoke texts are a central element of marketing automation. Giving you the liberty of using personalized emails is what is marketing automation primarily used for, so you can appear genuine to your target audience. Generic messages can appear half-hearted and fail to deliver your dedication and passion toward customer satisfaction.

Benefits of Using Automation Marketing

What is market automation but a way to make the lives of business owners easier? The objective is ultimate efficiency so you can keep moving toward success.

Let’s discuss some benefits of automated marketing.

Maximum Efficiency

What could be better than your team handling all the automation tasks on one platform?  It takes away the hassle of switching from different software. Instead, all focus can be on a centralized tool and how to maximize efficacy.

Better Conversion Rate

With constant attention to lead generation, you are bound to amplify your conversion rates. Reel in more customers by targeting them specifically on their interests and pain points.

Quick Reporting and Resolution

When your team can get quick reporting, they can act swiftly. Automated marketing can tell the appropriate team what situation needs fixing and eliminate the delay of the issue bouncing between teams with no solution in sight.


When setting strategies, scalability must be at the top of your list. Automation tools scale as you do to keep up with your increasing demands without compromising quality.

Stronger customer base

Giving every customer an exclusive feeling can go a long way in establishing their loyalty. Your customers will keep coming back to you because of your unmatched services.

What is the Future of Marketing Automation

With how quickly automated marketing is taking over, the future seems promising.

Experts believe that the demand for automated marketing will only increase as time goes on because businesses can only survive with this technology. Do you want to keep your team united, customers happy, and business booming? You need all the automation you can get. The concept that technology can allow scheduling posts and setting up campaigns without constant revisions is exciting and tempting. Automation has become a blessing for marketers as it removes human involvement and simplifies processes.

Future of Marketing Automation

The idea of hyper-personalized and relevant content is a game changer in the digital marketing world, so you can rest assured knowing that automation is not going anywhere. Learning all about the power of automated marketing in this blog, you can ascertain how this technology will only gain more momentum and develop new ways to streamline and sort marketing efforts. 

There will be bigger, better, and richer features that can aid in taking your business to new heights.

Keeping Up with Automation Marketing

Want to know how you can stay ahead in the automation game and use it for maximum optimization? Here are some tips:

  • Set your goals and keep revisiting them to see where you stand.
  • Have clear objectives for your business, customer engagement, and marketing to keep everything in order.
  • Monitor your campaigns constantly to see where you can improve, don’t just implement and forget.
  • Understand and study your customer base to see what they need and how you can provide the best service/product.
  • Opt for a powerful automation tool like Trengo to aid you every step of the way.


Marketing automation can be your best friend if you employ the right strategies and align everything. This technology has the power to make or break your business so use it wisely and let it unleash your true potential. We believe Trengo can make all your automation tasks easier and help run your business smoothly.


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