Las mejores plataformas de chatbot de WhatsApp a tener en cuenta

WhatsApp has come a long way from offering mere chatting and video calls. As WhatsApp Negocios burst into the scene, it changed the paradigm of how businesses handle their customer service. Enter WhatsApp chatbots, a fantastic phenomenon that has laid to rest long waits and getting in queues. If you want an answer from a brand, reach out anytime, and their chatbot system will take care of you.

But as the market brims with so many options, how to know the best WhatsApp chatbots? Fret not, for we have the answers.

We have curated a list of some of the leading WhatsApp chatbots that will take your business to new levels.

So without further ado, dive in!

What is a WhatsApp Chatbot- Quick Rundown

Simply put, a WhatsApp chatbot is a program that automatically replies to messages on your WhatsApp Business. The bots work 24/7 to handle multiple conversations with different people simultaneously. The goal is to sort out customer queries so you don’t have to worry about that aspect.

Best WhatsApp Chatbot Platform Options

Read on our handpicked list as we wade through the endless labyrinth of options and talk about the best options.

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Our list begins with Trengo because this is the best tool for all your Automatización de WhatsApp needs. How? Read on as we explain more.

This epic chatbot platform for WhatsApp is a massive hit among WhatsApp Business users, allowing you to create a chatbot or flow bot sans coding in no time. All you do is feed in information for the FAQs, and it will handle the rest. It helps engage with customers, send out messages, and even collect data so you can focus on other tasks streamlining your workflow.

Trengo seamlessly integrates with essential tools like helpdesks, CRMs, and analytics to get the complete picture of how your customers interact with the business. This information helps you improve your practices to ensure your business is putting its best foot forward.

If you wish to amp up your productivity and customer service, then Trengo is the way to go. Get your demo today!


  • Fácil de usar
  • Affordable
  • Reliable


  • Allows limited customizations


The pricing begins at $90/month


Want to get a preview of what you are getting into? Botsociety can do that. This platform allows prototyping before you are ready to commit to the real thing so you can decide if it’s the right choice for you. You can design the bot quickly with clear instructions via its drag-and-drop interface, and Botsociety allows teams to share updates and collaborate effectively.

Furthermore, this best free WhatsApp chatbot can let you test it in real time. You can grant access to several certified testers from different demographics and locations. This process can accelerate the bot’s effectiveness with actual users, allowing for quicker enhancements, better design, and cleaner conversation flows.

Moreover, you can export the chatbot from Botsociety in MP4, AVI, or EXCEL formats for smoother integration.


  • User friendly
  • Easy sharing
  • Scalable


  • Limited features


Their pricing begins at $79/month


Another coding-free platform, Landbot, has quickly become a favorite of many. Owing to its many features and easy interface, this deserves a spot in our list of the best chatbot platform for WhatsApp. Offering features like machine learning and natural language processing, Landbot can easily integrate with various third-party services like CRM systems, payment processors, and email marketing tools.

This renders it easier to connect your existing systems with your WhatsApp chatbot. You can test it in real-time to see how it will fare in your business activities.

Furthermore, the platform proffers detailed chatbot analytics, so you can rest assured you get your money’s worth by knowing its performance. Such information can help make the necessary adjustments to give users the best chatbot experience.


  • Advanced features
  • Enhanced efficiency
  • Easy collaboration


  • Costly


The pricing begins at $168/month


Another big name in the Whatsapp chatbot game, Engati, gets much recognition thanks to its elaborate features. It is most notable for providing a seamless experience for customer support engagements while being very effective in building conversation logic.

Engati offers conversation flow, NLP, and fast integration capabilities while supporting multiple languages. You can broadcast campaigns and messages to your WhatsApp audience and build steady customer relationships.

The chatbot offers a voice bot with effective analytics traits that show FAQs and most performed actions enabling personalized conversations with your audience. This way, you can develop strategies to satisfy your customers better.

All these features can help retain customers and ensure their trust.


  • Customizable
  • Multi-channel support
  • Quick adaptability


  • The interface can be rather complex


Provided upon request

If you seek effective automated WhatsApp solutions, is another big name on our list.

With its smooth interface, Flo can simplify your day-to-day processes by generating leads, scheduling appointments, or facilitating sales. The AI platform carries the option to divert calls to texts via IVR prompts to make customer interaction easily manageable. This tool enables media integration in the conversation flows, giving you the perfect way to showcase products or services.

Furthermore, its sleek design makes handling tasks easier, giving you quick access to every feature. You save time and resources when one tool handles all your customer service needs. Add in the API support plus webhooks that can aid in optimal customization, many marketers consider an all-around winner for advanced chatbot performance.


  • Versatile tool
  • Quick learning
  • Sales made easier


  • Advanced features can require coding


Needs to be requested


Moving on with our list, we have Freshworks, another solid contender in the WhatsApp chatbot platform options. Thousands of businesses choose it because it offers vast features in the chatbot realm. While it works tremendously for WhatsApp, it allows chatbot utilization for Facebook Messenger and the web, too.

The platform makes building chatbots easier than ever since no code is required. You can command it to answer customer questions, execute actions via triggers, and auto-update the customer data. It can aid in crafting a flow to guide the audience through logical troubleshooting.

Also, customization is another option you can explore to ensure the chatbot suits your brand theme and identity. You can switch up elements like size, shape, and colors. Its IVR helps prioritize conversations or any agent handovers.


  • Feature-rich
  • Simple interface
  • Relación calidad-precio


  • Customer support needs improvement


Pricing starts from $18 monthly per agent


We are at the end of our list with another hit: MessengerPeople. However, it targets medium to bigger businesses; therefore, the price is high.

The platform is relatively simple to use and allows quick conversation flow building for WhatsApp Negocios. This helps in making customer communication professional and intuitive. MessengerPeople can also attain user characteristics, a rare feature on the market for WhatsApp chatbots. 

This feature runs as the bot conversations are ongoing to ensure meaningful customer engagements regarding what they seek and what your brand can do to help. Boasting a clean interface, this tool proffers helpful functionality such as ticket assignment so your team can stay at the top of their game.


  • Unified customer communication
  • Great integration
  • Innovative features


  • Not for small businesses


The pricing begins at $560/month


WhatsApp chatbots are a need for every WhatsApp Negocios owner. If you wish to simplify your everyday processes while ensuring the customers are cared for, don’t think more about investing in a chatbot. Trengo is our top choice for a WhatsApp chatbot service provider company, it handles all your needs while bringing you competitive pricing and unique features.


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