WhatsApp Chatbot for Healthcare: Revolutionizing Patient Care in 2023

Statistics show that the healthcare business will expand, however, healthcare firms continue to face distinct hurdles in smooth customer communication. While healthcare facilities have moved towards the call center approach to engage with patients this solution cannot handle large volumes of queries swiftly.

To improve services, several healthcare facilities turn to WhatsApp and strengthen customer relationships significantly. Today we will take a dive into this topic and tell you all about using WhatsApp chatbot for healthcare.

What is a WhatsApp Chatbot

A WhatsApp chatbot is an automated software application designed to interact with users on WhatsApp. It uses artificial intelligence (AI) and natural language processing (NLP) to simulate human-like conversations and provide assistance to users in a conversational manner.

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WhatsApp Chatbot for healthcare- advantages

To tackle the high workload of customer assistance in healthcare, a chatbot can be immensely helpful. Its power originates from its integration with back-end systems and an appointment booking bot is a prime example of a healthcare chatbot. Let’s explore some ways chatbots can benefit the medical sector.


Integrating the chatbot with your back-end systems, this link gives you access to the self-service option. Furthermore, chatbots can answer an infinite number of inquiries once you feed them enough information and queries. Furthermore, chatbots may be unable to fix the problem and this is where it can route the user to a human agent for further assistance.

Easy automation

You can send transactional messages to your patients and automate a variety of healthcare tasks. You could send appointment reminders or medical reports.

Increased Conversion

With a WhatsApp open rate of more than 70%, healthcare organizations may increase their conversion rates. As a result, conversational trade over WhatsApp would be advantageous.

Increased Conversion

Patient Participation

Through the WhatsApp API, healthcare institutions may advertise for new physicians. It can also be used to promote new services. You can create an opt-in database of your patients and then exchange important information or you may also send out updates and special deals to your contacts.

WhatsApp Chatbot for Healthcare – Use Cases

Here are specific instances of how WhatsApp chatbot for healthcare.

Appointment Scheduling

Appointment scheduling is the most prevalent use case in healthcare. Patients can save time by booking appointments with a self-service WhatsApp chatbot for healthcare. WhatsApp makes it easier for patients to schedule doctor appointments as patients will only need to exert a little effort to complete the procedure. They may choose their doctor and the most convenient time for them. A WhatsApp chatbot can even cancel the patient’s appointment.


A WhatsApp chatbot in healthcare can give the patients quick information access eliminating the need for manual response. For example, the chatbot can respond to frequently asked and repetitious inquiries. Patients will no longer need to contact the clinic or wait for an agent to get on the call.

Chatbots can answer frequently asked queries such as branch locations and operating hours. They can also give information about available doctor positions. Additionally, with Trengo your chatbot can highlight the hospital’s available specializations, that too in more than 13 languages.

Symptom Assessment

A patient can open the WhatsApp app on their phone quickly and report their symptoms to the healthcare chatbot. Based on these symptoms, the bot can direct the patient to the relevant specialist and set up an appointment.

Lab Reports Updates

Patients can keep track of their pending medical reports with WhatsApp chatbot for healthcare. They can locate nearby pathological and testing centers, and find out the price range of different tests with the bot’s help at any time. They don’t have to rely on human agents and wait for their active hours.


Bots can help patients make payments online while booking a visit to the doctor, further simplifying the multi-step process that once used to be extremely tedious for patients. With such technological ease, your operations can execute more efficiently.


Health Insurance Guidance

Insurance entails documents, receipts, and queries galore. Patients can get their queries addressed using WhatsApp chatbot. They can submit necessary documents by scanning and uploading them in the chat itself to get the process going. This eliminates much workload for the team and streamlines operations.


The integration of WhatsApp chatbot for healthcare industry means a significant leap towards improving patient care and streamlining operations. This transformative power of AI-powered digital assistants is reshaping how healthcare providers engage with their patients and manage administrative tasks.


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