Your Guide to Whatsapp Chatbot Integration 2023

A global phenomenon, WhatsApp has caused quite a stir with its feature-rich characteristics and easy integration. Cheers to its chatbot integration, the platform has given a new meaning to marketing, automation, and customer satisfaction. While the app continues to grow, its ease of usage and powerful features render it a vital communication channel and a marketing and sales medium for brands.

Today we will dive into WhatsApp chatbot integration and explain why your business needs one.

WhatsApp Chatbot

The WhatsApp chatbot is a digital assistant that helps automate your customer interactions on WhatsApp. Businesses mostly use chatbots on their WhatsApp for answering FAQs, gathering customer data, or sending out automated marketing messages. This way, the chatbot handles quick queries so you can use your resources on more demanding tasks. The best part is your chatbot is available 24/7, so you can always serve customers. While WhatsApp Business offers many features, it doesn’t provide the chatbot feature for free.

For chatbot integration with WhatsApp, you need WhatsApp Business API and an automation tool like Trengo to create and launch a bot. The tool gives you an easy interface with quick navigation where you can set up a chatbot swiftly sans coding.

Why Do WhatsApp Chatbot Integration?

The digital landscape demands all-around attention towards customers. Naturally, it would help if you were where your customer is, and WhatsApp reigns supreme as the core messaging and communication app. With WhatsApp offering such a vast audience, companies need to roll out bots to aid them in improving their customer service. After all, you want to deliver the best customer experience so they trust your brand and become loyal.

You need to integrate a chatbot into WhatsApp because people send out over 100 billion texts daily on this platform which is a testament to the powerful activity of this platform. Every day, WhatsApp usage grows by heaps, so why shouldn’t you tap into that? You must be available at their favorite communication platform if you wish to reach your customers.

Reasons for Chatbot WhatsApp Integration

Let’s discuss some reasons to integrate a chatbot with WhatsApp for your business’ success.

Numbers Dominate

Boasting over 2 billion users, a good percentage of your customers are probably on WhatsApp, so it is time to reach them.

Target Groups

The app is not only for younger people; it also has older folks using it. So, what better way to reach all ages than get into the user base of WhatsApp?

Amplify Efficiency

Chatbots have become a blessing in enhancing productivity and increasing efficacy rates. You can answer customer queries 60% faster, which is unimaginable via channels like email or phone. Tackle multiple inquiries simultaneously because no human intervention is necessary; your chatbot can handle it all.


Brands need channels for customer interactions; the main objective is to determine where your customers are active. Nowadays, people prefer chatting on WhatsApp, so give your shoppers what they need and ensure you are available.

Quick Acceptance

Customers today trust WhatsApp and mainly wish to communicate with brands and want their solutions through the app. No one wants to wait hours or minutes staring at the screen or holding onto a call awaiting a response. It is the era of instant replies and quick service.


Rather than spending money on multiple channels and piling mountains of work, centralize your communication via WhatsApp chatbot to give high-quality service that doesn’t cost a fortune.

How to Integrate Chatbot to WhatsApp for Your Business

With constant technological advancement, you no longer have to rely on coding for executing integration. We are here to explain if you want to know about integrating chatbot to WhatsApp. When utilizing WhatsApp in customer communication, you need WhatsApp Business to help automate replies and handle customer interactions. However, you need WhatsApp Business API for WhatsApp chatbot integration because it expands your options and allows your whole team on one account.

To work with Business API, you need a third-party integration platform, and we recommend Trengo. This all-in-one tool for your WhatsApp integration and automation is the perfect solution. With Trengo, your chatbot is ready in a few steps. Go to ‘Settings,’ hit ‘Automation’ and select ‘Chatbot’. Fill in the data you need, add questions, and voila, you are ready. You can test your chatbot until you are satisfied and it is set for launch.

Developing a Concept for Chatbot Integration with WhatsApp

Mapping out the concept of your chatbot is key because you need a purpose behind this integration. Understanding your brand’s goals is the first step toward successful bot integration. The next is to ponder what type of chatbot would work best for your customers as they interact with it. You need to ensure that your human-chatbot interaction goes as smoothly as possible.

Therefore, ask yourself:

  • What’s the goal of my WhatsApp chatbot?
  • What should the bot talk about?
  • What questions are customers likely to ask?
  • How many variables do I need for one question?
  • How should the chatbot talk?
  • Do I need a free-flow or guided dialogue?
  • How to handle questions that the chatbot can’t answer?

As you find answers to these questions, your chatbot will come out better and smarter, ready to give exceptional customer service. Your purpose should be to keep the bot simple, otherwise, your customers won’t be able to have a satisfying interaction, and then everything will be in vain.


With WhatsApp business chatbot integration, you can do much for your business. Not only do you satisfy customers, but you can also reduce your team’s workload to free up time for dealing with more complex inquiries.


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