Your Ultimate Guide to WhatsApp Chatbot API

Imagine catering to your customers with high-quality service without doing anything. Sounds like a dream, right? This is what chatbots have done for businesses all over the world. You no longer must fuss over your customers and handle their queries manually; set up a WhatsApp Chatbot API, and it will handle everything.

Today’s guide is about setting up your WhatsApp Business API Chatbot using Trengo: the ultimate automation tool to streamline everyday operations.

How to Set Up WhatsApp chatbot for business with Trengo

First, you need a WhatsApp Business API account. After that, you need Trengo as an automation tool to take over things. With this platform, you can set up a chatbot or a flowbot; let’s discuss how these two differ.

Flowbot by Trengo

The chatbot can understand your customer’s query by recognizing specific keywords and formulating an answer. You fill in answers to train the bot, the more variations, the smarter the bot. With a flowbot, your shoppers can find the answers they seek by getting multiple-choice options and choosing the appropriate option.

Setting up for WhatsApp business API with Trengo

Getting your very own Business WhatsApp chatbot is quite easy, let’s explore the process below!

Hit Settings > Automation > Chatbots.

Configure your chatbot settings as you need:

Create new chatbot in Trengo

Name your bot, select the language, and pick WhatsApp as the channel. Then you need to add the Google Cloud key, and you are done. You have successfully built your WhatsApp API chatbot. If you want to customize it further, add various categories to the bot, like products, pricing, and delivery time. Go to ‘Categories’ and tap ‘Add category,’ type in your category’s name, and hit save.

Add Categories to Chatbot

Adding Questions to your WhatsApp Business API Chatbot

To get the most out of a chatbot, feed it data so it can function better. Add questions to the bot and give multiple variations. A good number is adding around five to six variations for every question. Tap ‘Questions’ and click the ‘plus’ icon next to the category to which you wish to add the questions so your shoppers can interact satisfactorily with the chatbot. Add your questions, feed in the answers, and then tap the ‘checkmark’ icon to save everything.

Add Questions to Chatbot

Once you give adequate questions, configure your bot to test it. You can adjust as you go, and your bot is ready for launch.

Setting up your Flowbot in Trengo

If you wish to give your buyers the flowbot experience to the customers, then the process is simple.

Go to settings >Automation >Flowbot, then tap the green + sign for bot creation.

Configuring a Flowbot

You can begin designing the flowbot by adding buttons, actions, and steps. Make it unique to your brand so your customers can have a good experience. Click ‘Configure your flow not’ at the bottom left corner to start.

To begin your chatbot journey with Trengo, get your free demo today!


The API WhatsApp chatbot feature presents a dynamic solution for marketers seeking better customer interactions and enhancing engagement. When you integrate a chatbot into your practices, you can automate conversations, give personalized experiences, and execute smooth customer support on WhatsApp.

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