How to Connect Chatbot to WhatsApp – An Easy Guide

There are several methods to link chatbots to WhatsApp, but one of the most common is using WhatsApp Business API through different platforms. Our recommended platform is Trengo; you can obtain a WhatsApp phone number before using the Trengo API to develop your chatbot and manage the messages that come in. You may also link the chatbot to WhatsApp using other chatbot platforms such as Chatbotify, ManyChat, or But Trengo provides an official Business API that you may use to connect chatbot to WhatsApp.

Steps on How to Connect chatbot to WhatsApp

We have created an easy guide that can help you link the chatbot to WhatsApp. Here’s what makes Trengo an all-in-one Chatbot and WhatsApp business API tool in this guide.

  1. Create a Trengo account, a free demo is also available, and receive a WhatsApp phone number.
  2. Make an additional Trengo project and link it with your WhatsApp number.
  3. To process incoming messages and develop your chatbot logic, apply the Trengo API for WhatsApp. You may use a coding language like Python or JavaScript to interact with the API.
  4. Set a webhook to receive new messages and activate your chatbot logic.
  5. Send a message to your account on WhatsApp and check to see whether your chatbot reacts appropriately.
  6. When your chatbot is operational, you can host it on a server and make it accessible to customers.
  7. You may also link your chatbot to WhatsApp using other chatbot services such as Chatbotify, ManyChat, or Buy and Sell Domain Names.
  8. Check out WhatsApp’s rules and regulations, which can be found on the company’s official website.
  9. Finally, for businesses, you need to apply for the WhatsApp Business API, which will allow you to link your chatbot to WhatsApp and use it to engage customers.

Benefits of connecting chatbot to WhatsApp 

  1. Automation of routine duties: Chatbots thrive at automating regular and repetitive processes, allowing human resources to concentrate on more complex problems. You may automate processes like answering commonly requested inquiries, delivering purchase notifications, and completing basic transactions by connecting your chatbot with WhatsApp.
  2. Smooth customer experience: For many individuals, WhatsApp is a primary and easy-to-use tool. By linking your chatbot to WhatsApp, you give clients an easy way to engage with your company. Customers may interact with your chatbot in a pleasant and straightforward setting, which leads to a great user experience. WhatsApp integration’s simplicity of use and convenience may create a lasting impact on customers and promote brand loyalty.
  3. Collecting Information and Analysis: Businesses may acquire the necessary information and get insights into consumer tastes, behavior trends, and commonly asked questions by integrating a chatbot with WhatsApp. This information may be used to spot trends, boost products or services, improve advertising campaigns, and make a data-driven business choice. The chatbot functions as a data-collecting tool, assisting businesses in gathering vital information and better understanding the needs of their customers.

So, do you need to connect a chatbot with WhatsApp?

Even if you believe you are a little company that can handle its consumers without a WhatsApp chatbot, you must recognize that today’s customers are privileged. We desire what we desire when we desire it. We don’t hang around for anyone.

As a result, if you communicate with consumers at regular hours, you may retain their business. Besides, you’d be better off doing something constructive with your time than responding to queries mechanically.

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Trengo will even assist you in creating your WhatsApp chatbot at an unbeatable price! We provide incredible capabilities, broad information, and smooth customer service at the lowest possible cost.

With the aid of your very own WhatsApp bot, you can reach out to your customers on whatever channel they prefer and take your business to another level of success.

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