Les meilleurs outils d'automatisation WhatsApp pour votre entreprise en 2023

Digital marketing demands rapid communication and prompt connection. This is why WhatsApp Business became such a winner in streamlining customer communications and enhancing productivity. As WhatsApp has become a hub for businesses to engage with their audience, it is more important than ever to automate tasks that can simplify business operations. Enter WhatsApp automation tools that changed the game for automation practices.

You don’t know how to code? Not a problem! Forget about technical jargon and get ready to roll with just a few clicks.

So, today we bring you a list of automation tools that can take the load off. We understand the saturated market with infinite options; therefore, we chose the best WhatsApp Automation tool so you don’t have to second guess.

What is WhatsApp Automation

WhatsApp automation utilizes the platform’s automatic features like auto-reply and chatbot to simplify your business operations. You can set and send automated messages when you are away, greet customers when they first interact with your brand or even send offers, discounts, etc. Moreover, the chatbot helps take all the load away from answering basic customer queries manually. Did you get a pile of thirty customers asking the same question? The chatbot will answer them all instantly while you focus on complex queries.

Best WhatsApp Automation Tools for Your Business in 2023

Let’s explore the high-performing tools on the market that can take your WhatsApp automation to the next level.


Regarding the top WhatsApp automation tool, our first choice is Trengo. It lets you connect with WhatsApp Business API to reach your customers. You can create chatbots and flow bots and automate messages to provide instant support on the channel your customers prefer for interactions. Swiftly meet and retain your customers where they are without any manual intervention.

You can deliver exceptional service by streamlining team performance through automated workflows and answer FAQs automatically sans code with your Chatbot WhatsApp. Moreover, execute marketing campaigns to engage customers and build brand trust. Obtenez votre démo !


Another hit in WhatsApp automation, Landbot is an intuitive platform allowing you to build a chatbot and deploy it on WhatsApp successfully. Landbot can be a good tool for creating conversational marketing campaigns, engaging customers, and providing stellar customer service. You can amp up customer satisfaction and save time for your team by automating the customer support process with a chatbot.


Focusing on WhatsApp, Wati is another excellent option that positions itself as an automation tool. It can help you streamline communications by envoi de messages en masse, broadcasts, auto-replies, etc. The platform has a user-friendly interface that allows you to create customized messages for marketing campaigns and a chatbot for handling customer queries.


WhatsApp automation keeps gaining traction as businesses lean towards it every day. If you want to deliver the right services on the right platform, then WhatsApp automation is the way to go. If you are looking for a free WhatsApp automation tool, Trengo has got you set with their great free trial offer!


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