Chatbot de WhatsApp para ecommerce: ventajas y casos de uso

The e-commerce industry moves at an alarming rate for it is constantly in a rush to bring out the next best thing. With each passing year, new trends emerge and set the tone. However, some trends can permanently affect the course of the business, and WhatsApp Business is one of them. With features galore, we now have the WhatsApp chatbot for eCommerce that has changed the game for the industry and revolutionized customer communication. With the sheer scale of its user base and average daily users, WhatsApp is the undisputed champion of instant messaging.

The question now is how WhatsApp chatbots can be used in the trillion-dollar eCommerce market. The possibilities are boundless, and the advantages are numerous.

Let’s take a deeper look at it all as we dive into WhatsApp chatbot for e-commerce.

¿Qué es un chatbot de WhatsApp?

A chatbot is an AI-powered program that can engage with people via pre-programmed answers. It uses Natural Language Processing and Machine Learning to learn from discussions and improve its replies continually.

A WhatsApp chatbot is a bot that communicates with people using the WhatsApp messaging app. It dramatically benefits customer service, lead generation, and marketing applications. One of the most crucial steps in building a bot is API de WhatsApp Business. The WhatsApp Business API lacks an interface and can only be accessed through a WhatsApp Business Solution Provider and we trust Trengo.

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To create epic chatbots, you need the best automation tool, and our top choice is Trengo! Platforms such as Trengo not only have the added advantage of responding outside of business hours but can also offer chatbots in more than 13 languages.

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Trengo also functions as an all-in-one platform for observing customer interactions across channels such as WhatsApp, email, chat en directo, and SMS.

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WhatsApp Chatbot For E-commerce – Advantages

Time to get into the different benefits of using a chatbot for e-commerce ventures.

24/7 Customer Service

Chatbots can quickly answer typical customer queries and fix issues, allowing your customer care personnel to focus on more challenging work. They also assist organizations in handling a high volume of client questions simultaneously, lowering response time and increasing overall customer satisfaction.

Personalized Suggestions

WhatsApp chatbots can also deliver product suggestions based on user history and preferences, making the consumer experience more personalized and engaging. Chatbots can offer items most suited to the customer’s requirements and preferences by analyzing user behavior, boosting the possibility of a purchase.

Targeted Marketing

You can use chatbots for targeted marketing efforts. Chatbots can deliver personalized promos and offers to consumers by analyzing their behavior and interests, improving the chance of a purchase.

Targeted Marketing

Rapid Order Processing

You can drastically improve the order processing time by automating the ordering and payment processes with chatbots. Customers can complete transactions without needing a separate website or app, and companies can receive order and payment alerts promptly.

Brand Image Enhancement

E-commerce enterprises may boost their brand image and reputation by offering a smooth, personalized consumer experience. WhatsApp chatbots can assist companies in providing quick and convenient service, customized suggestions, and expedited purchasing and payment procedures, resulting in a great customer experience.

WhatsApp ecommerce Chatbot – Use Cases

There are various ways you can use WhatsApp chatbot for eCommerce to good use in your company. While most eCommerce firms may operate similarly, each organization has the freedom to customize how a WhatsApp API can function for them.

Although the possibilities are unlimited, you can try several eCommerce-specific use cases for WhatsApp chatbot marketing.

Automate Lead Generation

Lead generation is the first and most critical step in the sales funnel. A larger top-of-funnel provides your sales staff with more resources to work with and, as a result, more people to sell to. When using a WhatsApp Chatbot for eCommerce, you may entice people to give you their information by adding a click-to-chat link to your marketing or advertising products.

When a customer sends you a message, you immediately receive their name and phone number. You may use a WhatsApp Chatbot to request more information, such as an email address or location.

Preguntas frecuentes

These FAQs cover anything from product and business queries to size charts, return policies, and payment methods accepted by the company. The consumer will likely continue the transaction if the answers to these inquiries are readily available. You can use WhatsApp e-commerce chatbot to respond to all your clients’ buy decision inquiries.


Order Placement

When it comes down to it, placing an order generates income. With an eCommerce WhatsApp Chatbot, you can build a unified experience from prospect to repeat client. WhatsApp Business APIs also offer sophisticated integrations for enterprises. Assign variables and transmit data to your CRM and OMS to enable customers to order from their phones.


Developing an efficient eCommerce shipping plan is the most significant step you can take to expand your business online. A critical stage in order placement is updating consumers about the location of their goods. Through WhatsApp Chatbot for eCommerce, customers can also reach out to you, postpone, or change delivery addresses.

Refund/Replacement Scheduling

Successful companies have made refunds and replacements an integral element of their services. Refunds are frequently the most challenging aspect of an eCommerce customer flow. A terrible refund experience may often damage a business-to-customer relationship. Good refund/replacement experiences can strengthen customer loyalty and increase retention rates.


The ultimate purpose of any marketing is referrals from others. Companies want their consumers to tell their friends and family about their products and services and evidence backs this up. For instance, consumers are four times more likely to buy when suggested by a friend or family member.

You can do the ultimate WhatsApp chatbot marketing by encouraging users to leave app reviews or give referral coupons using a WhatsApp Chatbot. You’ve offered fantastic customer service and smooth buying trips. Take advantage of this and allow consumers to share the news quickly.

Concerns About Payment

Payments are central to all sales difficulties. There is no surer way to lose a client than to have unnecessary payment issues or refuse to give a refund when you should. Once your low-level, repetitive requests have been automated, you may delegate your high-level interactions to a human agent. Customers can be automatically sent to appropriate agents using a WhatsApp Chatbot.


Implementing a WhatsApp chatbot for e-commerce in your business can give you a competitive edge by enhancing customer engagement, optimizing operations, and boosting sales. It can significantly improve customer support, enable personalized recommendations, and streamline transactions. While its benefits are grand, successful implementation mandates a customer-centric approach. As e-commerce continues to evolve, it has become critical for businesses aiming to thrive in a fast-paced digital landscape to invest in a chatbot.


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