Cuál es la diferencia entre CRM y automatización del marketing - Aquí tiene la respuesta

With automation on the rise, many confuse automatización del marketing and CRM to be the same however this couldn’t be further from the truth. While they both serve customers, they are vastly different. They provide different functions and serve unique purposes, but the two are even more dynamite when they are used together. Today, we discuss what is the difference between CRM and marketing automation to clear all confusion. Let’s begin!

What is CRM?

CRM or customer relationship management helps you handle buyer relationships, manage contact, and sales, and improve team productivity. You can store and use information about contacts like their purchase records, phone conversations, and inbound email records. A CRM lets you optimize one-on-one interactions with customers which leads to enhanced customer satisfaction and better sales.

What is CRM

Qué es la automatización del marketing

Marketing automation is all about helping you analyze, automate, and streamline workflows and tasks to eliminate human intervention. You can monitor prospect activities like website views, email opens, blog reads and form fills. Such tools schedule and track email campaigns allowing mass communications to amplify team efficiency.

Qué es la automatización del marketing

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What is The Difference Between CRM and Marketing Automation: Comparison

Let’s dissect the two. Simply put, marketing automation mainly manages digital campaigns, landing pages, email marketing, lead tracking, and scoring. However, CRM tackles the sales pipeline process: individual correos electrónicos, task management, lead status tracking, opportunity tracking, and pipeline reporting. So, while CRM drives and increases sales, marketing automation is all about generating and nurturing leads. Let’s explain some more differences below.

Target Audience

CRM platform caters to sales reps and Marketing Automation enables team members to focus on pressing marketing matters.


Marketing automation enables you to automate campaigns with triggers and predefined conditions. It is ideal for short purchase cycles but a CRM supports you in managing the sales processes, assigning tasks to agents, and maintaining an organized database.


When you use a CRM platform, you can manage customer relationships, improve team performance, and increase productivity. Similarly, marketing automation helps you measure important metrics, monitor ROI, generate qualified leads, and enhance workflows for marketing and sales.

CRM vs marketing automation: key Differences Table

Difference Between CRM and Marketing Automation

CRM or Marketing Automation? Which Do You Need?

There is no deadset answer to this because it depends on your business and customers’ needs. Experts suggest it is a good idea to use both in unison so that the sales and customer service teams can stay on the same page about sales processes and have access to the customer history of all marketing interactions.


CRM and Marketing Automation both have the power to mejorar las interacciones con los clientes and convert more leads into paying customers. You can explore the two and discover which suits your needs and market better. We are confident this guide can help give you some answers.


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