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Converting leads to customers is no easy feat when you have so many elements to consider. Hence marketing automation has become a crucial element of all digital marketing activities. Marketing automation helps your team not only boost their productivity but also aids in successfully converting leads and retaining them for the business.

But what is B2B marketing automation? Today, we will dive into this phenomenon and help you understand what it entails. So, let’s get into it!

What is marketing automation for B2B?

Using workflows and triggers, B2B marketing automation helps you to simplify marketing duties and task duties. This kind of automation aims to support your team in remaining busy and successful while nurturing leads for your business. According to the most present advertising automation statistics, companies can focus on their primary objectives while continuing to develop customer connections by automating manual marketing duties and simplifying processes.

marketing automation for B2B

Examples of B2B Marketing Automation

Here are some situations in which you can use B2B marketing automation effectively:

  1. Trigger monitoring workflows once your leads view high-intent websites (for example, product or price pages).
  2. Create informative methods for delivering to your new buyers, which may contain videos, how-to guides, and information base pages on how to complete primary duties.
  3. Set up incentives for dedicated brand supporters, for instance, sending a discount ticket to a user after successfully referring a new customer or making a certain number of transactions.
  4. Build up email campaigns with lead nurturing so you are able to find which advertisement performs best with your audience while also managing a more significant number of leads.
  5. When a prospect takes a specified step, notify internal team members.
  6. Complete data fields and update existing data automatically to remove the need for human entry.

Different B2B Marketing automation tools

B2B marketing automation uses a wide range of tools and technology such as:

Email marketing automation software: Email marketing automation software automates the process of mailing to potential buyers, leads, and current consumers. You may create procedures that ensure timely interaction at key moments while freeing up team members’ time for other duties. Current Email Service Providers (ESPs) provide enhanced capabilities to marketers, such as solid classification tools and automated A/B testing, and reduce having to deliver mail physically.

Customer Relationship Management: CRM software organizes and analyses interactions with customers and information during the buyer’s journey, allowing businesses to obtain important insights into the requirements and tastes of their consumers. Today’s sophisticated CRM systems offer essential B2B automation capabilities such as automated lead scoring, customized client experiences, and responsive data.

Social media automation tools: Social media is an important part of both B2C and B2B marketing. By automating the planning, uploading, and tracking of material, social media B2B automation technologies help businesses maintain a regular social media presence. Social media automation systems help organizations connect with customers and keep on top of their digital presence by measuring hashtag performance and scheduling updates ahead.

B2B Marketing Automation software Solutions

With the wonders of what is B2B marketing automation laid out, let’s give you some amazing tools that can make implementing automation a breeze.


The first on our list is Trengo, it simplifies client communication by merging all your customers’ preferred channels into a single spot eliminating the need to shift between tabs. You can execute automation marketing like a dream in its easy interface with everything just a few clicks away.


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Pricing: offers 14 days free trial and then the first tier begins at $18 per user/month, the Scale tier begins at $31 per user/month and Enterprise begins at $43 per user/month.

Versium Reach

Another good option is Versium Reach, which simplifies the visualization of marketing data. As a B2B marketer, you may see a snapshot of leads and successfully personalize material while also building targeted B2B audiences to employ on each of your online advertising channels. Versium Reach also handles your data for you automatically.

Versium Reach

Pricing: B2B Digital and B2B Direct programs begin at $300/mo/billed yearly. Pay-as-you-go programs are also available.

Marketo Engage

A business-to-business marketing platform, Marketo Engage lets you segment your customers and enhance their information with interaction data and linked profiles of customers. During the buying process, experience automation feeds your audience and increases loyalty, it uses artificial intelligence to deliver personalized information that feels personal to viewers at scale.

Marketo Engage

Pricing: For pricing, you have to get in touch with Sales.

What are the benefits of using b2b marketing automation?

Now that you are clear on what is marketing automation for b2b, let’s discuss its benefits to businesses.

  • B2B marketing automation is more than a tool; it’s a game changer that’s impacting how businesses function, communicate with customers, and expand.
  • It helps organizations to categorize their B2B customer base accurately.
  • Marketers can construct targeted segments and provide customized marketing messages for groups by analyzing data such as business, company size, history of purchases, and communication habits.
  • This approach can help in building good relations with customers while also allowing your customers to increase your marketing by referring your product or service to others.


B2B marketingautomatisering has the ability to help save your B2B marketing department time, boost efficiency, and assist them in reaching and engaging a more significant number of customers. If you are still indecisive, take this as the sign to implement B2B marketing automation and choose the right technology for your team to get started right away!


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