Por qué utilizar la automatización del marketing en su empresa

Marketing today mandates the right strategies if you want your business to get on the path to success. Gone are the days of half-hearted attempts because now you need your team to be on top of everything. Enter marketing automation: an amazing approach to automate your marketing operations so your business can boom. Exhausted marketers can breathe easy when they don’t have to sort through the contact lists manually and wait on performance reports because marketing automation tools are there to save the day. But why use marketing automation?

Today, we will shed light on why is marketing automation important and why your business needs it.

Qué es la automatización del marketing

If you are still unsure about what does automated marketing do then let’s explain marketing automation. It is a customer relationship management system, a software tool enabling marketers to manage their customer engagement via communication channels better. We are talking about social media, email, websites, advertising, online search, etc.

Why is marketing automation important?

Wondering why do I need marketing automation. Here is the answer.

  • It can aid tremendously in increasing efficiency.
  • It can help your team engage the audience with relevant information based on their behavior.
  • You don’t have to send a customer an email if they abandon the cart, with an automation tool, this trigger can generate an automatic message.

With tools like Trengo, you can integrate marketing automation into your business smoothly and see productivity rates rise, have happier customers, and achieve business success. To begin, obtenga aquí su demostración gratuita.

What Can You Do with Marketing Automation?

Albeit a widespread phenomenon, many marketers remain confused about the functions and applications of automation marketing tools. They continue to question ‘Why marketing automation is important’ or ‘Where to use marketing automation’?

Below are some answers to what can marketing automation do to boost your business. If any of these cases relate to your business then you need this automation and Trengo can take care of you!

  • Lead generation
  • Email marketing
  • Social media engagement
  • Chatbot
  • Segmenting target audience
  • Cross-channel campaigns
  • Nurture and score leads
  • Retention campaigns
  • Measure ROI
  • Give analytics reports
  • Personalized messaging
  • Abandoned carts re-engagement

Marketing Automation Strategies

Getting the most out of your marketing strategy is the goal. If you don’t understand strategies then you will be clueless about using even the most dynamic tools. Below are some helpful strategies that can help you get on the automation track.

Setting goals

What do you wish to achieve in business? Think about your short-term and long-term goals to set the foundation for why you need marketing automation.

Buyer Personas

You can target your audience’s demographics, location, interests, and backgrounds to understand the pain points and build buyer personas.

Buyer Persona

Personalized content

Offer customized messages to your target audience by gathering data through the buyer’s persona for relevant marketing.

Measure your performance

Gauge your performance based on the goals you set. How far did you come? What needs polishing so you can be your best? Finding answers to these questions will help simplify your strategies.

What are the Benefits of Marketing Automation

Why implement marketing automation? The advantages below can help you grasp that clearer if you still question why do you need marketing automation.

More Leads

When you give potential customers personalized treatment, it can help generate better leads and convert them into sales. You can automate welcome messages to onboard them, and make them see your brand’s dedication towards their satisfaction.

Multiple Customers

Smoother Operations

Your team can use their time and resources smartly when they don’t have to worry about manual and redundant tasks. Marketing automation can boost your efficacy rates considerably while giving customers the engagement they seek.

Tracking Customer Interactions

A core element your business must emphasize is monitoring how its customers interact with the brand. Are they happy? Is your brand providing what it is promising? What needs tweaking? This is particularly critical because it informs you which campaigns or pages are driving leads. This helps proffer a clearer ROI for your marketing decisions.

Stronger Customer Relationships

Marketing automation helps you stay current and connected. Keeping your communication relevant will help retain customers for a long while.

Strong Customer Relationships

This shows that your brand means business and is ready to cater to its customers’ needs. Such efforts can help build good customer relationships that can be great for a business’s success.


Marketing automation has become a need for businesses because traditional methods don’t apply to the current digital landscape. If you want to succeed, you must remain one step ahead in the game by making the right choices for your business and understanding what is marketing automation used for. Consider Trengo to be your ultimate automation partner and you will see desired results with a hassle-free experience.

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