Cómo utilizar el marketing automatizado para el comercio electrónico

Gone are the days of handling redundant marketing tasks yourself, for automatización del marketing is all the rage for eCommerce. A business that isn’t actively investing in automation tools can severely lack performance, ergo, unable to unlock its true potential. Seeing how eCommerce marketing can be highly taxing on resources, time, and labor, you must apply automation where applicable. It could make all the difference in driving more sales, generating leads, and increasing revenue.

Today we are going to discuss how to use marketing automation for eCommerce.

You will find practical tips to help boost business while building brand credibility and ensuring you can achieve your dreams.

What is marketing automation?

We will give a quick rundown on marketing automation before we go further.

Marketing automation utilizes technology and software to automate repetitive marketing tasks like email campaigns, lead generation, and social media posts. This eliminates worrying about engaging your customers via manual emails or newsletters.

Automating such tedious tasks can amp up your efficiency rate and have better customer engagement. This could free up much time that you can dedicate to pressing matters.

Automatización del marketing

With tools like Trengo, tackling marketing matters is easier than ever. You can set your goals and let the device take everything off your hands. Want to give it a try? Start your demo today!

Tips on How to Use Marketing Automation for E-commerce

Let’s explore some effective ways you can implement marketing automation to boost your e-commerce operations.

Send Triggered Emails

Rather than sending mindless emails to all and sundry, automation helps you send targeted and triggered emails. That way, you only send emails to a certain demographic or if they perform a specific action.

Send Triggered Emails

Say a customer added something to the cart and disappeared; automation can email them, nudging them about completing their purchase. Moreover, you can send a follow-up email offering a voucher for the next purchase if they buy something. Such emails are great for re-engaging customers without worrying about spamming them.

Optimized Check-out

Although everyone loves to shop online, if you have a complicated checkout process, then it can deter the customer from completing their purchase. Automatización del marketing helps optimize this process by simplifying the steps and giving concise and clear instructions. Moreover, it aids in offering any help if the customer needs it.

Mensajes personalizados

With the wonders of market automation, you can send personalized messages to your leads or regular customers. The automation studies their behaviors, preferences, and past purchases to ensure the best course of action. This can add familiarity that makes them trust and prefer your brand more. You can offer them specific products that match their prior purchases to foster great customer relationships and give them the notion that your brand cares about the customers rather than solely focusing on making sales.

personalized messages

Social Media Engagement

Handling everyday business tasks can be exhausting, but worrying about remaining active on social media is another daunting factor to consider. Marketing automation can help with automating your social media marketing campaigns. You can schedule posts, respond to comments, or even run giveaways.

Social Media Engagement

A solid social media presence is critical nowadays because it shows people you are an authentic brand.

Important Considerations Before Using Marketing Automation for E-commerce

While automation sounds good, never use it without a proper strategy laid out. Below are some helpful tips on what to consider before choosing automation.

  • Have a clear goal and understand what you wish to achieve
  • Opt for a reliable automation tool like Trengo that will take care of things with minimal supervision from you.
  • Test your campaigns. Make sure everything is working as you want before you begin things officially.


Automation has become a need in today’s fast-paced digital world. If you want your business to succeed and be credible, you need strategies for managing redundant tasks. With a little effort, your marketing can become unbeatable, and you could see a steady boost in your business. Automation is here to stay, so better to embrace it rather than risk staying behind significantly.


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