Telegram vs. WhatsApp Business - Was nützt Ihrem Unternehmen?

As WhatsApp became all the rage, we all saw a steady rise in multiple messenger apps coming to the scene and rivaling the platform. However, only a few could make the same expression and Telegram became one of them. Today, WhatsApp has extended to WhatsApp Business and offers companies ways to handle their everyday operations but Telegram is dipping its toes in the business world, too.

So, it boils down to Telegram vs WhatsApp for business: which one to choose?

In this blog, we will tell you the features of both apps and you can decide which would be best for your business practices since both apps offer distinct features.

So, let’s begin by giving you a rundown of these platforms.

Telegram overview

A famous WhatsApp alternative, Telegram quickly gained traction as a centralized and cloud-based instant messaging platform. The app also proffers features like file sharing, chatting, video calls, and audio messages with optional end-to-end encryption.

WhatsApp Business Overview

Built atop WhatsApp Messenger, WhatsApp Business allows companies to give their users a personalized experience so they can better run their business. Carrying features like instant chat, file sharing, end-to-end encryption, and automated messages, the Business version’s objective is to help streamline daily operations and help with customer engagement.

For WhatsApp Business solutions, we only suggest Trengo as the best choice. It is a WhatsApp Business API-certified platform that can tackle your marketing automation, campaigns, and customer engagement like no other. To see how WhatsApp business works with the API integration, you can get a free demo.

WhatsApp Business vs Telegram – Key Differences in Features

You might think both platforms sound the same however they are far apart in how they operate. Below we will touch up on the different features and how they differ:


WhatsApp Business allows only one mobile number access at a time but links to four different devices through WhatsApp Web where your employees can get on the app and handle any customer queries or marketing operations. However, Telegram offers much flexibility as it lets users log in to their accounts from different devices simultaneously. You can log in using your contact number as your credentials, and it instantly syncs your cloud chats.

Nonetheless, if one of your devices loses connection, all the others will too.


Everyone loves the messaging system on WhatsApp Business. It allows group chats, private chats, and broadcast messages where you can send a text to 256 people. You can make groups and add people where everyone is free to send messages, and share files but only admins can add new members with a 256 limit. Telegram takes things up a notch as it offers two ways for group communication: channel and groups.

While the Group system works the same as WhatsApp, Telegram lets you add up to 200,000 members. You can join a channel and become part of a community, receive updates on specific topics, or make your own. However, only admins have the power to post on channels, members merely view them.

Security Measures

WhatsApp Business offers end-to-end encryption on all messages and calls, but Telegram isn’t so generous. If you want to have secure calls, you must start a ‘Secret Chat’ and enable E2E encryption. So, if security is your concern, then WhatsApp Business takes the lead.


Telegram has its BOT API that allows you to have chatbots and automate redundant tasks. For a Chatbot in WhatsApp Business, you need WhatsApp Business API and then an automation tool like Trengo will set you up in no time.

Telegram vs WhatsApp Business: Face-Off

WhatsApp Business vs Telegram

Telegram vs WhatsApp business: Which works best for you?

Albeit similar, both platforms have their advantages and unique traits so there is no dead-set answer for a verdict. If you want to know which works best for you then it depends on your business needs and which channel your customer base prefers most.


Messaging apps are taking the world by storm and the business realm is no exception. Whether you choose Telegram or WhatsApp Business for your everyday operations, you gain efficiency and productivity. Explore both platforms to understand which could work best for your unique requirements.

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