How to Build a Chatbot for WhatsApp – A Step-by-Step Guide

WhatsApp is one of the world’s most popular messaging applications. It is used to connect over 2 billion individuals and businesses. Thanks to its epic features and advancements, it brings businesses chatbots that have made enormous progress in a society that has become increasingly digital in recent years. These little robots are starting to interact with humans better, giving us unforgettable knowledge. Today we are diving into this topic and telling you how can you build a chatbot for WhatsApp.

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What is a chatbot?

A chatbot is a system or computer program that uses artificial intelligence to maintain interactions with humans. It oversees imitating human dialogue and its goal is to assist all organizations’ various customer service divisions in saving money and providing a more pleasant experience for clients. While most chatbot attention focuses on customer-facing scenarios, considerable staff advantages exist. A chatbot may benefit workers with onboarding, data retrieval, and satisfaction surveys by streamlining procedures.

AI chatbot

Chatbots for WhatsApp

A WhatsApp Bot is a chatbot program or software that you can only use in the famous encrypted messaging app WhatsApp. A WhatsApp Bot can be ideal for conversational marketing, sales, and promotions, as well as helping you manage customer support inquiries with little or no human supervision.

Chatbots continue to provide significant benefits to businesses and customers, and WhatsApp chatbots are attempting to do the same. WhatsApp, the most popular messaging software, provides a new channel through which you may market your items and provide customer service. Chatbots on WhatsApp enable you to automate such jobs by running scripts or automatic responses 24-7 with minimum human oversight.

You may also assist your consumers with purchasing and respond to their inquiries instantly. This enables you to deal with many customers more efficiently by automatically reacting to frequently asked queries or confirming appointments, orders, and delivery in real-time, increasing customer experience and saving you significant time and money.

When you design your own WhatsApp bot, the possibilities for e-commerce are limitless. You may also customize the experience for all your clients by customizing the WhatsApp bot script.

WhatsApp’s encryption also makes it a simple and secure method to interact with them in real-time.

Building a chatbot for WhatsApp

Building a Chatbot for WhatsApp is very simple and allows for greater personalization.

These are the steps to creating WhatsApp Chatbots.

Get the API

To get the chatbot, you need the WhatsApp Business API because WhatsApp Business does not offer chatbots. The API version came to the scene when WhatsApp Business did not suffice companies anymore. This version ups the ante and brings an array of unique features.

WhatsApp Business

Collaborate with business solution providers:

WhatsApp suggests working with a business solution provider to work with the API version since it lacks an interface. You must contact the partner’s representative and request access to the WhatsApp API. We recommend Trengo as the best BSP for WhatsApp.

WhatsApp Business API

The platform can help take care of all your automation needs so you can deliver the best customer services while streaming daily operations. Deploy chatbots and flowbots to deliver exceptional customer journeys and increase team productivity.

Book a free demo today to begin!

Setting Things Up with Trengo’s WhatsApp chatbot builder

Here is the step-by-step on setting up your chatbot for WhatsApp Business.

1. Navigate to Settings > Automation > Chatbots

How To Create WhatsApp Chatbot

2. Configure the chatbot settings

  • Internal title: Give your bot a name.
  • Chatbot language: Choose a language.
  • Channels: Choose WhatsApp as your channel of choice.
  • Google Cloud Key: Insert your Google Cloud key.

Voila! You have just built your very own WhatsApp Business chatbot.

Your bot can have several classifications for content. Consider the following categories: price, items, and service.

3. Navigate to ‘Categories’ and click the ‘Add Category’ button.

Add Categories to Chatbot
  • Fill in the name of your category.
  • Move onto ‘Questions’ and give your chatbot different variations to polish it further.
Add Questions to Chatbot

Put your WhatsApp Chatbot to the test.

By responding to your consumers, you can ensure your bot works appropriately. Repair any issues and test its operation again. This ensures that the product is of excellent quality and ready to improve the client’s experience.

The endeavor to build WhatsApp Chatbots does not have to be limited to WhatsApp. You may utilize Trengo to build a General Bot that can be presented across several channels. This allows you to install the same bot on many channels (website, Facebook, Telegram, etc.) to provide a standardized experience that utilizes the same scripts and replies across all channels.

Monitor and Improve Your Chatbot

You may use Trengo to monitor your chatbot chats and learn how to optimize your replies and scripts. Check user replies, information acquired, and conversation abandonment to learn how to reply and keep them engaged properly.


Creating a WhatsApp chatbot opens up a world of possibilities for businesses and developers. With the step-by-step insights provided in this blog, you can gain the knowledge to embark on your chatbot journey. WhatsApp chatbots offer a direct, efficient, and engaging way to connect with your audience, streamline customer support, and automate tasks. As technology continues to evolve, integrating a chatbot into your WhatsApp strategy can give you a competitive edge.


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