5 Gründe, warum Unternehmen Instagram nutzen sollten

Since its inception, Instagram has had the reputation of being a powerful marketing tool for businesses looking to expand their presence and product visibility. Since Instagram is a highly visual platform, it’s an excellent social media network for showcasing innovative, interesting, and beautiful products and services. So, it should come as no surprise that it is highly critical for businesses to have an active presence on this platform.

Today, we are going to discuss reasons why businesses should use Instagram to help you understand the importance of this platform.

Why Businesses Should Use Instagram- What is Instagram?

Instagram is a widely popular photo and video-sharing social media platform with billions of monthly users globally. Users on Instagram can:

  • Create photos or video posts
  • Make Instagram Stories that live on your profile for 24 hours
  • Create Instagram Reels that are 15-, 30- or 60-second short-form videos
  • Livestream
  • Shop directly from e-commerce brands via the app

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Why Should a Business Use Instagram- Here Are the Reasons

If you are wondering why should my business use Instagram then here are some important reasons.

More People Choose Instagram

With 2 billion monthly users, it is safe to say that Instagram is incredibly popular. There is no limit to the success a business can reach with a dedicated Instagram strategy. You can reach more people, even employ a global approach to targeting your audience, and take your business to the next level!

Brands Can Thrive on Instagram

Instagram has users with varying needs and interests so businesses of all sizes and various industries can be a huge success on the platform. Companies can increase brand awareness and connect with their target audience by keeping an active presence daily and employing the right strategies to drive growth.


Generate Revenue from Instagram

There are various ways for brands to make money on this platform:

  • Direct sales from Instagram: With the ‘The Shop’ tab on the home page, users can discover and purchase from brands directly through Instagram profiles, posts, or stories.
  • Shoppable posts: Instagram brings shippable posts that let businesses add tags to products in their photos with links including product descriptions, price, and the ease to “shop now,” steering users to the online store.
  • Partnerships: Brands can partner with other brand ambassadors via sponsored posts and affiliate marketing. Such partnerships can help you generate more sales leads and see a big increase in sales.

Partner with influencers to Amplify Brand Awareness

Influencers are high-level social media users with huge followings. A good influencer can bring your company’s sales to a different level through increased digital marketing ROI and access to demographics you generally might not be able to reach. When you get influencers to market your product, they can publicize your business to thousands, or even millions with just a few posts.

Hashtags Can Make All the Difference in Visibility

As a new brand, you might be intimidated by the competition. With the right use of hashtags, you can stand tall from the crowd and make a mark. Using popular Instagram hashtags or creating your own can become a viral sensation which could make your brand instantly recognizable.

Hashtags Enhance Visibility

Even if your company is small, effective hashtags can do wonders to help increase visibility.


Instagram isn’t solely for personal sharing—it’s a dynamic platform for businesses to prosper. As we explored why businesses should use Instagram, one thing is undeniable, the potential for growth and connection on this platform is unparalleled so make sure you don’t overlook this platform.


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