WhatsApp Business on Multiple Devices – An Exclusive Guide

WhatsApp came onto the scene as a global phenomenon that took over everything. Today, this communication app is not only the top choice for interacting with your friends and family, it is the main preference for engaging with your favorite brands, too! With WhatsApp Business, the platform expanded its reach and targeted entrepreneurs ready to deliver exceptional customer support and boost business. Today, companies can’t imagine not having an active presence on WhatsApp Business. However, this raised the question: Can I use WhatsApp Business on multiple devices?

As the platform keeps on bringing innovative updates that delight its users, today we are going to talk about using WhatsApp Business on multiple devices. Our guide will walk you through the step-by-step process of how can you use WhatsApp business on multiple devices.

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Can WhatsApp Business Account be Used on Multiple Devices: WhatsApp Business App

Let’s take a quick look at the WhatsApp Business app and the multiple devices situation. The Business platform comes with all of WhatsApp’s features and adds more to the mix for small businesses. For instance, it entails various business tools like greeting and away messages, WhatsApp Catalog, WhatsApp Pay, and quick replies. While its setup process is simple and businesses can use the app for free, your WhatsApp Business account can be used on multiple devices.

WhatsApp Business App

The Latest Update

Previously, you could only use the Business app on two devices simultaneously: a smartphone and a PC. However, thanks to recent updates, you can use WhatsApp Business App on up to five devices. Linking multiple devices to your WhatsApp Business account lets more of your agents respond to customer messages, this can be very helpful when you’re running promotions or ad campaigns.

WhatsApp API for Bigger Companies-Choose Trengo

Having 5 devices connected to one WhatsApp Business sounds sufficient for entrepreneurs and small businesses. However, if your business and team grow, you’ll need a sophisticated platform for handling more contacts, queries, agents, and messages. This is where WhatsApp Business API comes to your rescue.


Since the API cannot work without a Business Service Provider, we only recommend Trengo as the top choice. With its various features and capabilities, you can onboard as many members as you want and manage your business activities on a larger scale.

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How to Set Up WhatsApp Business on Multiple Devices

Wondering how can I use WhatsApp for business on multiple devices? Let’s get to the good stuff and give you a walk-through of the process. It is a straightforward process that will have you set up in no time.

  • Go to your primary WhatsApp Business App account that you wish to link with secondary devices
  • Tap the More Options icon with three vertical dots
  • Tap Linked Devices
  • Choose Link a Device
  • A QR code will appear to take you to the next step, scan the code with your secondary device and you are all set!

You can get the QR code on WhatsApp Business Web or WhatsApp Business Desktop App on your companion devices. These steps above can work on all Android devices. For iPhone users, all you have to do is go to WhatsApp Settings and follow the rest of the instructions above.

Before you begin, ensure you are using the latest version of WhatsApp on your primary account. Once linking is done, your team can access WhatsApp Business on your additional devices without keeping your phone connected.

You can then use the connected accounts without any issues and they will work like independent devices. This means, that even if you lose internet access on your primary device, you will still be able to use WhatsApp on your secondary device without any hiccups.

Business WhatsApp on Multiple Devices: Logging Out

If there ever arises a situation where you need to log out of a companion device then don’t worry, yes you can.

Here is how to do it:

  • On the secondary device, tap the three dots and hit ‘Settings’
  • Click Account and simply tap the Log out button
  • Confirm the action and you are done!

WhatsApp Features in the Companion Device

Wondering how much you are getting if you open WhatsApp business on multiple devices? While you might think the additional device on your WhatsApp might not have much, it carries over some of the original features from your device. For instance:

  • The much sought-after biometric lock feature is available on companion devices, letting users lock access to their WhatsApp chats.
  • Disappearing messages in chats is another feature available to secondary devices for enhanced privacy.
  • Your agents can even set a custom last seen and online status, profile photo, and “About” visibility as they prefer on the linked device.
  • For those wishing to get read receipts, WhatsApp Business’ linked mode offers that too.

For general usage, the linked device works quite well sans any perceivable delay when sending or receiving messages. As WhatsApp messages are synced between the phones instantly, any chats you delete on your primary device are also deleted from the secondary device.

WhatsApp Business on Multiple Devices: Advantages

Now that you have learned how to open WhatsApp Business on multiple devices, let’s give you some benefits of this multi-device approach that can take your business to the next level and enable smoother performance.

More Members Onboard

No more taking turns on one account. When you have multiple agents handling their own devices, this enables faster performance and enhanced efficacy. Your team members no longer have to wait when one agent is done using the account to sort a matter. They have their own account and ample time to finish tasks in their own space.

More Members Onboard


Every agent can personalize their WhatsApp Business account according to their preferences and workflow. Such flexibility enables them to tailor their communication style and use the tools that work best for specific tasks. This way they can increase their productivity and perform better.

Faster Response Time

With your whole team working in unison on the same Business account, your customers get faster replies ergo quicker solutions to their concerns. Your agents can solve multiple matters simultaneously and don’t need to delay anything or ruin the customer experience. Deliver exceptional support to surpass your customers’ expectations.

Improved Collaborations

Getting the team to work together and efficiently is a dream. With multi-device support, the teamwork within your business can improve significantly. Agents can collaborate more effectively, share insights, and assist each other when necessary. This establishes a collaborative environment that benefits not only your team but your customers, too.

Enhanced Customer Journey

What do the customers today need? Instant action from a brand. With multiple agents on the same WhatsApp Business, you can cater to your customers better and ensure they don’t have to wait hours for a simple answer. Enhancing the customer journey will have them coming back to your brand fostering stronger relationships.

Enhanced Customer Journey

Can WhatsApp Business be used on Multiple Devices: Use Cases

Let’s touch up a little on the use cases of having a WhatsApp Business account on multiple devices.

WhatsApp Sales and Customer Support

You can use WhatsApp Business for sales and support activities. Anytime there’s an inbound message, it’ll route your customers to the right team based on the customers’ profile and conversation purpose. You can also prioritize important customers first and ensure no queries are left unattended by assigning them to the most relevant or readily available agent.

Click-to-Chat Ads

Do you run click-to-chat ads via WhatsApp but struggle with qualifying leads and tackling a large volume of inbound messages? You can qualify leads faster with multiple agents onboard and increase lead conversion by replying to them promptly.

Click to Chat Ads

Handling Conversations

While WhatsApp gives a 72-hour messaging window for leads to reach out to you from WhatsApp ads, it’s still critical to have a plan for restarting conversations once the window closes and you can do that via WhatsApp Broadcast.

Broadcasting is simple, select the Contacts who opted in to hear from you, create your message’s content with media attachments, and add a Call-to-Action or Quick Reply Button. Then send or schedule a broadcast in advance and get ready to re-engage customers effectively.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is my secondary WhatsApp safe from hacking?

Yes, absolutely! When WhatsApp offered end-to-end encryption, it entailed every aspect. No matter which platform you are using to access the WhatsApp Business account be it primary or additional, you are fully secured. No third party has permission or access to intercept the messages between you and the person you’re interacting with. Nonetheless, this doesn’t cover people that could be sneaking up on you to read the chats over your shoulder so you might want to be careful.

What happens if my primary WhatsApp Business device is inactive?

If the primary Business device is inactive for a long time then WhatsApp will automatically log you out of all of the companion devices due to security concerns. Therefore, ensure that your primary device remains active because if it is idle, it rouses suspicion and then WhatsApp has to take prompt action.

How many simultaneous devices are supported on my WhatsApp Business account?

Currently, WhatsApp’s linked mode supports the same primary account on four different devices. You will be able to easily use the same WhatsApp account on up to four other phones but if you want more then you need to opt for WhatsApp Business API.

Does linking multiple devices work with all Android and iOS devices?

WhatsApp’s linked devices mode can work across devices such as Android tablets. Nonetheless, the support for iOS as a secondary device is not available yet, it could be coming anytime soon though since WhatsApp keeps bringing new upgrades.

Is there a planned WhatsApp app for iPad?

Although there is no official confirmation yet, WhatsApp head Will Cathcart did hint in a tweet that support for WhatsApp on iPad is gradually expanding through the company’s work on the official WhatsApp Mac app. So, you can have iOS access anytime now!


Using WhatsApp Business on multiple devices has allowed a world of convenience and flexibility. By following the steps outlined in this guide, you can swiftly expand your business communication across various devices while maintaining the security and efficiency of the primary WhatsApp Business account. This feature helps you stay connected with your customers and manage your business communication better than ever!


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