How Much Does WhatsApp Business API Cost

Using WhatsApp for companies has become the latest trend. If you need your business to reach the right audience, send relevant content, generate leads, and convert them to the sale then you need to WhatsApp Business API integration. The consumer doesn’t like waiting long hours for answers, they want their responses like their messaging: instant. Therefore, WhatsApp Business API comes to the rescue and helps engage and retain customers.

But before you jump on the API train, it’s important to understand how much WhatsApp Business API costs, so you can know what you are getting into.

Today we talk about the cost of WhatsApp business API to help answer all questions. So, let’s go.

What is WhatsApp Business API?

Before discussing costs, let’s talk about WhatsApp Business API and what it offers.

When WhatsApp Business came to the scene, it became an ideal solution for providing smaller businesses with the perfect platform to handle marketing and customer operations. However, certain limitations in the version were not the best option for bigger businesses. So, to give larger businesses a secure, scalable, and verified solution tailored to their objectives, Meta brought Business API to the scene and shifted automation marketing forever. The API (programming interface) helps businesses receive and respond to unlimited messages from customers. It can handle targeted campaigns, customer engagement, automated messages, and much more.

Unlike WhatsApp Business, the API has no interface ergo it mandates a third-party tool like Trengo for functionality. The API connects with Trengo to help enterprises integrate WhatsApp into their operations without needing a coder or technical knowledge.

How much does the WhatsApp Business API cost?

Moving on to pricing, it is imperative to understand Meta’s distinction between conversations users initiate and companies initiate.

Meta elaborates on these categories below:

  • User-initiated messages: A conversation that commences from answering a user query. Once the company responds to the user’s text within the 24-hour customer service window, this conversation counts as user-initiated.
  • Company-initiated messages: When the company sends a message to their shopper outside the 24-hour service window, it is company initiated and requires a message template.

Free First 1000 Conversations

Meta defines ‘conversation’ as an interaction that transpires within the 24-hour window. The countdown begins with the initial message from the company. Sending the first 1,000 message templates is free for customer-initiated convos however company-initiated conversions don’t qualify. Moreover, any conversations customers initiate via a call-to-action or a click-to-chat ad are also free.

WhatsApp Business API Platform

It is important to note that WhatsApp API prices can vary depending on what provider you are using. You must ensure to find a reliable tool that can run all operations smoothly and does not cost you a fortune.

We Suggest Trengo

As the top choice tool for using your WhatsApp API, our vote goes to Trengo. The platform gives an all-around solution for your CRM integration needs. You don’t have to worry about handling large customer queries when Trengo automates all tasks. WhatsApp continues to be an effective and optimal solution for buyer communication so, it is very practical for support and sales use cases. Thanks to Trengo, you can execute targeted campaigns and engage customers swiftly. You get all channels in one central spot so no more juggling between platforms and giving bad customer service.

WhatsApp Business API

With Trengo, you miss no activity or requests and get your company into the new age of customer engagement and satisfaction. Trengo has various intuitive features to help make your tasks easier. Build chatbots and flowbots to guide customers, present products, send automated messages, and stay active on the platform.

To begin, you can get your demo here!

WhatsApp Business API Cost with Trengo

If you want to know about costs with Trengo then we are here to explain everything. While Trengo offers a free trial period where you can access the features and see the wonders this tool can do for your business, it offers various plans.

The price relies on the number of users, and the rates are:

  • Grow $18 (per user/month, starting at $90/month with 5 users)
  • Scale $30 (per user/month, beginning at $150/month with 5-100 users)
  • Enterprise $42 (per user/month, starting at $210/month with unlimited users)

Why WhatsApp Business API Resonates with Customers

Your audience demands an instant response and effective services. When you lack in this department, they will reach out to a brand offering better services. Customers love WhatsApp due to its easy usage, friendly interface, and swift connection.


Gone are days of holding on to calls, waiting for email replies, etc. In this era, you need to be quick. Research depicts customers opt for messaging brands via WhatsApp and below are the reasons why:

Deeper Connectivity

64% of WhatsApp users say that the social channel enables a personal connection to the business making them feel less nervous to contact a brand.

Greater Trust

71% state they feel more confident about trusting a business after confirming their presence on WhatsApp and reaching out to them.

Easier Communication

68% feel WhatsApp is the best and easiest method for communicating with a company regarding any issues.

Easier Communication


WhatsApp is a platform that customers love and trust so you need to be active and attentive to their needs. Understanding WhatsApp Business API cost can help you make informed decisions to take better care of your customers and hike your productivity level.


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