Wat is through-channel marketingautomatisering?

Nowadays a lot of brands find value in buying their products or services via a distributed marketing ecosystem. They foster relationships in their local communities and become local experts for the products/services they sell. However, some of the main challenges in selling through indirect partners are that local business owners may not always be sophisticated marketers, or your brand’s internal systems could be complex and outdated.

Through channel marketing automation

This makes it difficult for brands to market through partners effectively so they turn to Through Channel Marketing Automation and today we explain what this is all about.

Understanding Through-channel marketing automation

Through-channel marketing automatisering (TCMA) is a technological approach transforming how businesses extend their advertising programs and generate local sales by managing and executing marketing campaigns through indirect sales channels like resellers, distributors, and franchises. TCMA enables brands to give their partners the tools and resources they need for creating and executing customized marketing campaigns that align with the brand’s overall marketing strategy.

TCMA transforms how companies enter the market through their partners because it gives brand marketers the services and marketing automation support they need to make marketing simpler.

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companies That can benefit from Through-channel marketing automation

TCMA is becoming an increasingly common method for firms to function in competitive markets. This method is critical for increasing growth and it can assist businesses of all sizes, including but not limited to:

Large Corporations

Large organizations can face significant logistical challenges when deploying branded products across many markets. TCMA can provide marketing managers of major national companies with curated data that they may utilize to implement targeted marketing campaigns and create sales.


Maintaining brand consistency across many mediums and physical locations is critical for franchises. Through-channel marketing automation provides merchants with dependable support systems for promoting their goods and services. Franchises can use TCMA to increase customer awareness and boost sales through location-based advertising and incentives.


Rapidly Expanding SMEs

Small and medium-sized firms (SMEs) frequently need help finding traction in bigger markets, leaving them unable to grow operations successfully. Fast-growing SMEs can utilize TCMA to use simple and accessible tools and services to build coordinated plans and implement them where necessary.

Businesses with Multiple Locations

Companies with several locations sometimes need help maintaining operational efficiency while executing their marketing goals. Enterprises operating in multiple places may use TCMA to gain access to numerous distribution channels and marketing tools, allowing them to function efficiently whenever, and wherever.

Features to Look for in a Through channel Marketing Automation Platform

When engaging with buyers, dealers, and partners across numerous marketplaces, TCMA systems increase visibility and communication. Marketing strategists can utilize a channel marketing platform to assist them in defining their brand and generating awareness. But what to look for in a through-channel marketing platform? We explain below.

features your company requires

Businesses wishing to use TCMA in their marketing strategy should consider the capabilities of their selected platform. Users should consider group and user administration, digital branding software, and supply-chain tracking when determining which TCMA platform is best for them.

Dependable strategy for assisting your partners

Businesses must be able to rely on their partners when developing marketing strategies. TCMA systems provide customers with up-to-date tools and real-time assistance, ensuring they can meet their strategic objectives.


Most marketing teams work within strict budgetary constraints, leaving little room for error or unnecessary spending. Organizations can successfully define and develop their core business while keeping within budget using through-channel marketing automation tools. This method saves companies money while providing best-in-class marketing solutions across many platforms.

How Through-Channel Marketing Automation Can Help Your Company

TCMA is vital for firms seeking dependable solutions to handle their multi-channel marketing demands. TCMA is an effective solution that will give demonstrable outcomes regardless of the type of organization.

Keep Brand Consistency

Maintaining brand consistency is critical for firms operating across numerous platforms. Using TCMA provides your brand with a single source of truth, a location where everyone inside and outside the organization can get authorized branded goods. This enables your organization to grow and onboard additional partners, vendors, franchises, and locations rapidly.

Streamline Creative Collaboration

When an organization needs more imagination to disseminate material to certain groups, marketing items through several channels may become complex. Companies can address this issue using TCMA software because the design and brainstorming of new marketing collaterals are done online on a shared file that every party can access.

Lower Operating Expenses

Budgeting and financing for multiple persons, initiatives, and platforms can be a lot. Businesses wanting to increase their profits can employ TCMA to cut workloads while boosting operational effectiveness. With pre-approved but customized marketing materials, TCMA may enable any department to participate in the marketing and communications effort.


Through-channel marketing helps brands effectively reach and engage their target market. It aligns manufacturers, distributors, and resellers in a collaborative ecosystem, enabling them to promote and sell products or services jointly. Your company can maximize its market presence, boost brand awareness, and drive sales growth while ensuring seamless coordination with your channel partners.


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