How to Add Chatbot to WhatsApp Without Code – The Complete Guide

Businesses know well the value of connecting with their consumers through their chosen channels. With billions using WhatsApp, your clients are presumably active on the platform and you should ensure you are reaching them on their favorite channel. This is where chatbots have come in and transformed customer interactions.

In this blog, we will assist you in learning how to add chatbot to WhatsApp chatbot to begin delivering excellent customer service. Let’s begin!

What is a WhatsApp chatbot?

A WhatsApp chatbot is an element of automated software that engages with your clients on WhatsApp by using Artificial Intelligence or pre-programmed algorithms.

Benefits of adding chatbot to WhatsApp

Before getting into the configuration procedure, it’s critical to understand the advantages of adding chatbot to WhatsApp for businesses. Brands that integrate chatbots into WhatsApp can provide:

  1. Instantaneous Customer Assistance: Chatbots may provide 24/7 service, replying to consumer inquiries and addressing frequent difficulties, increasing customer happiness and commitment.
  2. Tailored Relations: Bots may analyze client data and provide personalized suggestions, deals, and approaches, generating unique experiences and boosting retention.
  3. Effectual Order Dispensation: Chatbots may help with order placing, monitoring, and revisions, streamlining purchasing procedures, and enhancing the effectiveness of operations.
  4. Computerized Announcements: Chatbots can deliver automatic alerts, such as shipment status or schedule reminders, to keep consumers updated while minimizing manual effort.

how to add chatbot in WhatsApp – the process

To begin using a chatbot on WhatsApp, you need WhatsApp Business API as the WhatsApp Business application does not allow users to create chatbots. Then to operate the API, you need a Business Solution Provider tool and we only recommended Trengo. The platform can enable all the automation you need and help you deploy and launch a successful chatbot that will meet your customers’ expectations.

You also need to register a phone number to function as the WhatsApp Business number and WhatsApp will reach out to this number to verify your identity and authorize it for your API account.

Deploying a WhatsApp chatbot in Trengo

1. Navigate to Settings > Automation > Chatbots

How To Create WhatsApp Chatbot

2. Configure the chatbot settings

  • Internal title: Give your bot a name.
  • Chatbot language: Choose a language.
  • Channels: Choose WhatsApp as your channel of choice.
  • Google Cloud key: Insert your Google Cloud key.

Voila! You have just built your very own WhatsApp Business chatbot.

Your bot can have several classifications for content. Consider the following categories: price, items, and service.

  • Navigate to ‘Categories’ and click the ‘Add category’ button.
Add Categories to Chatbot
  • Fill in the name of your category.
  • Move onto ‘Questions’ and give your chatbot different variations to polish it further.
Add Questions to Chatbot

Why create your own WhatsApp chatbot?

To thrive in today’s business, you must be one step ahead of the competition. If you have a very small audience, you may be able to survive by manually responding to every message. But as your brand grows, handling large volumes of customer support will become harder. This means adding more people to the team and spending resources on training them. A chatbot eliminates the need for human intervention for it can handle dozens of queries simultaneously.

As customers expect speedy responses and instant service, if you lack in that department they will find a better company that will take care of them properly. With a chatbot:

  • Your customers don’t have to wait for you to get around to answering their questions.
  • If you’re into eCommerce or retail, that puts you in an even more challenging position because online shoppers abandon their carts if they don’t get prompt answers. 

So, if you want to have satisfied customers and protect your carts from abandonment, then learning how to add chatbot to WhatsApp will go a long way in establishing your business among the best.

How to Add Chatbot to WhatsApp – Winning Tips

Let’s give you some effective tips that can help you in the process of understanding how to add chatbot in WhatsApp.

Create Goals And Strategies

To start things off, you must Identify your business’s needs, goals, and targets before developing a chatbot. Find out the problems you want your WhatsApp chatbot to tackle and compose a plan that entails the following:

  • Aims and objectives in business.
  • Customer service, process automation, corporate communications, lead generation, and other chatbot functions in your company.
  • Methods by which WhatsApp addresses existing issues and communication gaps.
  • A step-by-step plan for implementing a chatbot and your future expectations.

Go the extra mile

Bots need to grasp human intentions and grow so your chatbots must be equipped with artificial intelligence and machine learning capabilities. AI enables them to learn and adapt over time so that they can understand the nuances of human communication better and decipher the intentions behind the words.

customer service

Growing your chatbot with an AI-powered platform like Trengo can help:

  • Make self-learning chatbots
  • Automate redundant tasks.
  • Send forms and sign consumers up remotely.
  • Answer FAQs swiftly.
  • Utilize client satisfaction surveys to gather feedback.

Make it Unique

To make a successful chatbot, you need to make it unique so it can get attention. Conversational chatbots need to sound human so think of your bot’s personality and explore that. Let it reflect your brand’s values and outline how it will connect with users. 

  • Determine your bot’s personality – is it formal or friendly?
  • Determine the tone, language, and phrases that might interest your consumers. 
  • Understand your target audience’s language and alter your chatbot’s messaging accordingly so it can hit their pain points.


WhatsApp chatbots let you handle inquiries instantaneously. It’s time to bid farewell to the traditional ways of customer interactions and unlock a world of efficiency and success with chatbots. Adding chatbot to WhatsApp can usher in a new era of business-to-customer interaction while automating redundant tasks and taking your business to the next level.


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