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Companies big or small rely on stellar marketing campaigns to reach a series of goals ranging from brand awareness to conversions. With automation at an all-time high, it is tough to imagine running a campaign the old-fashioned way. You have probably heard a lot about marketingautomatisering and all it is doing to help brands make everything easier. Today, we are going to talk about what is enterprise marketing automation and give you a thorough guide.

What Exactly is enterprise marketing automation?

Enterprise marketing automation is all about the techniques, tools, and services used to automate marketing operations, processes, and tasks entirely or partially at the corporate level are called enterprise marketing automation. It generally seeks to reduce and replace human intervention in marketing processes while boosting efficiency and ensuring smoother execution of redundant marketing operations.

It is a technology-driven approach that goes beyond fundamental marketing automation, focusing on the unique needs and complexities of large businesses and enterprises.

Trengo – best enterprise marketing automation platform

Many solutions have arisen over the last few decades to meet the demands of businesses in their marketing automation endeavors however our top choice is Trengo. It can tackle automation like a dream and set you up for success in mere minutes. No matter the scale of your business, Trengo has premium features that can take the load off while you focus on more complicated matters.


It is an all-round platform ideal for all types of users (technical and non-technical) and can provide value to people, teams, and businesses by adapting to their unique requirements. To begin, get your gratis demo hier.

difference between marketing automation and enterprise marketing automation?

When talking about automating marketing, many believe that marketing automation and enterprise marketing automation are the same thing. However, there are certain distinctions between the two and we explain them below.

Scope and Scale

Marketing Automation is typically used by businesses of various sizes, including small and mid-sized companies. As its name denotes, enterprise marketing automation is tailored specifically toward large enterprises with complex marketing needs, handling higher volumes of data and operations.

Customer Base

Marketing Automation is used to manage customer interactions for smaller and less complex customer bases. Enterprise Marketing Automation is designed to effectively manage extensive and diverse customer bases in large enterprises.

Complexity and Coordination

Marketing Automation delivers simpler solutions suitable for smaller businesses while enterprise marketing automation involves more intricate processes, cross-team coordination, and compliance requirements.


Marketing Automation may not require extensive integration with other enterprise systems but enterprise marketing automation often integrates with CRM, ERP, and other data sources to provide a unified view of customers and operations.

features to look for in enterprise marketing automation software

As we clear up what is enterprise marketing automation, it is important to understand what features to look for in the best marketing automation solution. Businesses typically look for systems that can handle several distinct trouble issues, such as:

  • Customer data alignment throughout the system landscape: The company must integrate all client and third-party data across numerous platforms.
  • Automation of sale cycle: Accelerate consumer study, lead assignment, quotation creation, and legal documentation generation.
  • Customer engagement: Capture and combine data from numerous sources to improve marketing accuracy and interactions with salespeople.
  • Employee efficiency: Allow team members to perform better in a shorter period by automating the repetitions, allowing them to focus on things that require more human engagement, such as creative initiatives or establishing relations with customers.
  • Reporting on sales and marketing: Combine data from numerous sources into a single perspective for faster and more accurate insights and decision-making.
marketingautomatisering voor bedrijven

Depending on the company profile, there may be additional regions that must be covered with a marketing automation tool so the best approach is to thoroughly research a software and ensure it aligns with your needs before investing in it.


Enterprise automation marketing is all about taking away the grunt work so you can handle complex operations of your company in the smoothest way and ensure stellar service to your customers. As long as you are driven to change your business, you’ll be able to find the right strategies that work for you and tools like Trengo are always ready to cater to you.


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