How to Create Automated WhatsApp Response – Here’s How

What do the customers want? Quick replies and instant solutions. That is the crux of top-tier customer service today, and if you are not embracing WhatsApp automation, then it is time to consider it seriously. More customers contact businesses via their phones, seeking interactions all day. With the WhatsApp auto-reply feature, you can create an automated WhatsApp reply to take care of your customers when they are unavailable.

Today, we will discuss how to set up an automated WhatsApp response so you can give your buyers a seamless service 24/7.

What is the Automated WhatsApp Reply Feature?

WhatsApp Business is a feature-rich app that can help your brand reach customers effectively. Its auto-reply feature lets you set up pre-made, automated responses and texts for your buyers. You can send these messages automatically on WhatsApp when you are offline.

An automated WhatsApp response creates a positive customer experience and amplifies your credibility as a business. This feature eliminates the hassle of replying to every response manually and can handle multiple customers simultaneously. Your buyer also wants quick service and expects a response after business hours. Automated messages help you tackle fast-paced communication trends to satisfy your customers fully.

Automated WhatsApp Response- How to Up Automatic Responses on WhatsApp

Setting up automated WhatsApp responses is easy, and there are two ways to do it:

Setting up Automated WhatsApp Response with WhatsApp Business

This method is perfect for smaller businesses and if you need quick away messages or a welcome message. It is a quick setup; however, it gives limited options.

Here’s how to set up your automated responses in WhatsApp Business:

Open Settings

Hit the three dotted lines at the top right corner of your Business account to open the menu, then click your Settings. You can tap “Business Tools” then click “Away Message.

Create Message

Activate your “Send away message” toggle button to create an auto-reply for your contacts. Edit the message and type up whatever you wish to convey.

Schedule Message

Select the “Schedule” button to choose when to send your message. WhatsApp Business gives you three options:

  • Always: Begin off all your messages with a specific auto-reply. This can be helpful if you are unavailable for a while.
  • Custom schedule: It can work perfectly if there is a specific time you know you will be unavailable so your customers can understand. Prepare in advance so your customers don’t have to wait.
  • After-hours: When business hours are over, it is best to inform customers that you are off for the day. You can establish business hours in your WhatsApp Business profile and create a message accordingly.

Pick Recipients

When you decide on the schedule, choose your recipients. Do you want to send this message to everyone or a specific segment? Then hit save, and you are all set.

Setting Up WhatsApp Automated Response with WhatsApp Business API

In the API version, you get a broader scale, it is ideal for bigger businesses that need constant customization of their messages and campaigns. Since WhatsApp Business API has no interface, you need a third-party tool to operate it, and we suggest Trengo. You can integrate it with your CRM platform and communicate with WhatsApp, enabling you to send automated responses for various situations. Trengo helps create customizable auto-replies, transactional messages and integrates WhatsApp communication into a more extensive marketing strategy. Get your demo!

To set up your auto-reply message using a WhatsApp Business API, here’s how to begin:

Hit Settings

Go to Trengo’s settings and click ‘Automation’ then ‘Auto Replies’. Tap the green + sign to begin the process.

Choose Channel

Trengo lets you manage all your channels in one spot, so it will ask you to opt for a channel and choose WhatsApp.

Decide Time

Next comes scheduling the automated response, so decide what you need. The platform gives you three choices:

  • During business hours
  • After business hours
  • On particular days

As Trengo manages all your platforms in one, to maintain consistency across all channels, you can opt for setting the same auto response for multiple other channels, like live chat, Facebook Messenger, etc.

Type Your Message

Fill in whatever message you want to convey to your audience. Then hit save, and your automated WhatsApp response is ready.

Start Trengo’s free trial and automate your business via WhatsApp Business API in no time.

Pro Tips for Sending Automated Messages with WhatsApp Business API

Check out these tips below to make your automation business responses stand out.

Personalize Your Content

Forget boring, generic text. Keep things fun to give your audience a sense of familiarity. Trengo gives you options for personalizing your texts as much as possible. Add images, gifs, or links to make your content more engaging for customers. Explore emojis and integrate them into your messages. Put a link to your social media accounts to show them you are here to give omnichannel experience.

Add to Workflow Automation

You’re not limited to sending replies in response to WhatsApp inquiries. Choose an event to trigger when your message sends, such as when a customer checks out on your website or signs up for promotional updates. Trengo offers automation workflows for abandoned carts, successful purchases, email interactions, new subscribers, anniversaries, and more.


Setting up automated WhatsApp responses can help you streamline your automatic replies. This approach also paves the way for the success and efficiency of future marketing campaigns.


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