Wie Sie Ihren automatisierten WhatsApp-Bot in wenigen einfachen Schritten erstellen

Businesses need the wonders of automation to help speed up their everyday operations. WhatsApp automated chatbot has become a new favorite of marketers, allowing them to interact with their customers swiftly and around the clock. Your customer does not need to wait long hours when a bot is ready to help sort out all concerns. Moreover, you don’t have to worry about handling redundant queries manually every day because chatbots eliminate human intervention.

Today let’s talk about how you can create your WhatsApp automated bot and get things rolling.

Whatsapp Automation bot: WhatsApp Business API

You need WhatsApp Business API for a chatbot because WhatsApp Business does not offer this feature. As the API version has no interface, you need an automation tool to function it. Our top choice is Trengo: this dynamic tool is all set to handle all your automation needs and gives you seamless chatbot and flowbot creation. Let’s find out how to create your chatbot with Trengo.

WhatsApp Business API

How to Set Up Automated WhatsApp Bot with Trengo

Trengo gives you two options: a chatbot and a flow bot. The chatbot can receive your customer’s query by processing specific keywords and giving an answer. You fill in answers to train the bot; the more variations, the brighter the bot. With a flowbot, your shoppers can find the answers by getting multiple-choice options and choosing the right option.

Setting Up Chatbot

Go to Settings > Automation > Chatbots

Configure your chatbot settings as you like:

Name the bot, select the language, and pick WhatsApp as your channel, and you are good to go. If you want to customize it more, add various categories such as products, pricing, and delivery time. Go to ‘Categories,’ tap ‘Add category,’ type in your category’s name, and hit save.

Neuen Chatbot in Trengo erstellen

You can also add questions to your bot to make it smarter so it can satisfy your customers better.

Setting Up Flowbot

The process is quick if you want to give your buyers the flow bot.

Tap settings >Automation >Flowbot, then tap the green + sign for bot creation.

You design the flowbot by adding buttons, actions, and steps. Hit ‘Configure your flow not’ at the bottom left corner to launch it.

Trengo flowbot


WhatsApp automated bot has become a game changer for businesses worldwide. It lets brands give consumers a personalized experience and 24/7 availability to answer their queries. Creating your chatbot takes a few minutes, so get Trengo’s free trial and start today! You can get your demo here!


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