WhatsApp Bedrijfsautomatisering - Een exclusieve gids voor meer efficiëntie

Nowadays, businesses cannot run without utilizing one of the biggest platforms for marketing and customer matters: WhatsApp. But what makes everything better is how this app makes automation easier and better than ever. No more worrying about handling every customer query individually and wasting away while ignoring other aspects.

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You can get all the tedious, repetitive, and soul-draining tasks on automation while you manage other matters begging your attention, freeing up your time for better productivity.

However, many still don’t know how to execute WhatsApp Business automation and boost their business, don’t worry because that’s what we are here for. Today’s guide is about how to automate WhatsApp Business and how it can help amplify your success, streamline customer service, and improve your efficacy rates. If you wish to ensure you are taking the smart steps in steering your business in the right direction, read on for all the answers.

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What is WhatsApp Business Automation

WhatsApp automation for Business is all about automating customer conversations on your WhatsApp Business App or WhatsApp Business API so you can ensure a smoother flow. This can be particularly great for small businesses, enabling them to set up essential automation on their WhatsApp Business account. That way you can focus on growing your business as the automation aspect tackles all the core customer service elements for you. Treat your customers to all the support and attention they need from your business.

While there were limitations in the past for bigger businesses, Whatsapp Business API came to the scene and took away all hindrances. Now companies of all sizes and scales can use the automation power of automated WhatsApp Business messages. Businesses can now set up automation to deliver a seamless experience based on their unique needs and brand identity.

While WhatsApp Business is available for all, you need an automation tool like Trengo that connects with your WhatsApp Business API and unlocks all automation possibilities to take your business to the next level.

You might wonder why conversational automation is the new black, so let’s touch on why entrepreneurs and brands should seriously consider WhatsApp automation for business.

Why do you need WhatsApp Automation for Business?

Nobody said thriving in the business world would come easy. When it involves customers, you need all the help you can get. In today’s market, communications must be swift for customers to have high expectations. You cannot presume they will put up with the previous ways of waiting for hours to get human intervention.

Als je give your customers a good service that makes them return for more, you must give them the proper attention. Many folks avoid returning to a brand because they get robotic replies to their queries. Earning customers’ trust takes effort, so you must put in the work.

That’s why implementing WhatsApp Business automated messages is necessary. Below are reasons why you should consider using WhatsApp Business automation.

  • It ensures you let your customers know how much their satisfaction matters to you.
  • You can save time and resources while streamlining communication and improving everyday operations.
  • As your business grows, you will need the proper automation practices so your strategy has to be well done so you don’t irk customers.
  • Using WhatsApp automation smartly can make all the difference in leading to sales and building better customer relationships.
  • With welcome or weg berichten set up, you can acknowledge that you are here to sort out all concerns.

Knowing you are ready to cater to them can put customers at ease and help them trust you. Businesses that not only claim to focus on customer satisfaction but also set up practices to show their dedication are more likely to have a solid and loyal customer base.

How to Set Up Automated WhatsApp Business Messages for Enhanced Customer Service

As we cover the fundamentals of WhatsApp Business automation, time to discuss how you can set up your automated messages. There are two ways of doing it and we’ve explained them below:

WhatsApp Business Account

Through your WhatsApp Business app, you can implement automated messages like:

  • Greetings
  • Away messages
  • Customized scheduled texts after business hours

How to Automate WhatsApp Business Messages using the Business App

Open your account and click the three dots in the upper right corner. Select Business Tools from the menu then tap ‘Greetings/Away Message’ and turn them on.
You will see an auto-generated message, which you can customize as you please by tapping the pencil icon.

Consider WhatsApp Business API

For medium to big businesses, a WhatsApp Business account can pose many limitations so you need to upgrade to the Whatsapp Business API and get the most out of the platform. Allow us to elaborate.

To use the API version and access limitless features, you will need an automation tool and Trengo is the best option. This WhatsApp Business API-certified tool can tackle all automation in no time and amplify productivity significantly.

Trengo Whatsapp API

You can set up all kinds of automated messages and campaigns through the many Trengo features. What you need to do is: get Trengo and sign up then connect your WhatsApp API account to Trengo.

Once you are in, there are endless ways for automating your messages and the tool can guide you through every step.

Go to your Trengo settings and hit ‘Automation’, opt for WhatsApp as your channel then choose whichever campaign suits your objectives. Feed in the information and you are all set.

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Benefits of WhatsApp Business Automation

We are going to shed light on some of the amazing advantages automated messages can bring you. This will help you learn how it can impact your customer handling significantly.

Response Time Improvement

Delayed response time is one of the most prominent pillars of bad customer service. While automated messages are great, they will only tide your customer over for a while. You must get to sorting their situation ASAP.

With WhatsApp’s automated messages, your response time gets faster, which is an excellent trait of any successful business. Many marketers stress the importance of returning to your customers quickly, or they will lose interest and find better service from your competitors.

If someone has a basic query, your FAQ section can help resolve the situation within seconds.

Round The Clock Availability

Thanks to automated WhatsApp messages for Business, when you clock out, your business remains active. You never have to worry about customers queuing up for longer waiting periods, as automation works 24/7. The constant activity hints at your proactive attitude in ensuring you think of your customers all the time.

With the help of pre-set replies, your business runs without a break. Even if users hit you up during holidays or weekends, the app will attend to them and ensure to answer their questions. If they need additional help, they will learn the working hours, and you can get back to them.

Enhanced Engagement Rate

Owing to WhatsApp’s stellar engagement rate, this app can drive up your engagement considerably. Imagine catering to ten queries simultaneously and ensuring a satisfactory experience. That sounds amazing, right?

WhatsApp Business automated responses continue to show tremendous performance in escalating customer engagement, unlocking a world of possibilities for you. Experts state it can give fivefold engagement than general communication channels like calls, SMS, or emails.

Your business can thrive like never before and ace modern marketing by tapping into WhatsApp’s unsurpassed engagement potential.

Review Requests

Nothing can be a stronger and more effective advertisement than a happy customer. How they can perfectly articulate the grand experience you gave them could drive so many potential customers to your products and services. Their genuineness will attract more folks to try out your brand and see all the hype.

With WhatsApp automated messages, you can send review requests once a customer receives their product. One content buyer can build your brand via word of mouth, and such power remains unmatched.

You could add details in the message, like asking them to rate the product, giving a headline, and then saying a few words. Product reviews can help make or break a business; therefore, you must pay special attention to it.

Best Use Cases for Automated Messages on WhatsApp Business

While we talk about the wonders automated messages on WhatsApp Business can do, we will give you some of the top use cases for it.
This will help you understand the different ways you can use this automation feature and ensure you stay on top of things.

Abandoned Cart

Leaving a cart is a prevalent practice in online shopping, and it can have many reasons. The customer could have something else that took their attention, a change of mind, or indecisiveness. Sending an automated abandoned cart message can be a great way to help them get back and re-engage. You could even go further and offer them a voucher to help accelerate the sale.

This also shows how much you care for your customer’s buying journey and if you can do anything to help make the process easier.

Abandoned Cart Message

Welcome Messages

Giving a warm welcome never goes out of style. Every time a customer purchases or signs up for your service, send them a welcome message to onboard them. This can be perfect for your business. Statistics state how users are more inclined to engage with your business after you welcome them and acknowledge their arrival.

You can add things in your welcome message like:

  • New arrivals
  • A list of your products/services
  • Events they should know about
  • Any discounts or memberships you have going

Trengo helps you set up your messages in no time thanks to its easy-to-navigate interface and simple instructions.

Welcome Message

Delivery Updates

Nothing excites a buyer more than pressing ‘Place Order’ and anticipating their package. Some even track their order’s status daily to see how long they must wait. With automated messages, you can set up delivery alerts to keep your customer notified and equally excited about their purchase.

Automating such messages can go a long way in establishing your brand as trustworthy and super active. This eases customers to know they are purchasing an authentic product.

Delivery Update Message

After-Sale Services

Things are still ongoing once you make a sale. The actual service may begin after taking your customer’s money, and that is where after-sale support comes into play. Brands that overlook after-sale help can lose customers because it becomes hard to trust them.

You can set up automated messages on WhatsApp Business to answer your customers for any after-sale situations. If they got the wrong product or something is not as they wanted, they can reach out, and your chatbot can entertain them.


WhatsApp Business automation offers various options to automate your messages and improve customer engagement. The ease of delivering timely and personalized responses to your customers can help gain their loyalty, ergo solidifying your reputation and driving steady growth. This allows your business to expand and explore different avenues rather than feeling stuck on managing repetitive tasks.

Innovative tools and strategies like WhatsApp for Business automation are here to make a difference, but understanding how to implement them correctly is critical, so your investment and efforts are worthwhile. To get the most out of WhatsApp automation, give Trengo a chance and you will thank us later. Just connect it to your e-commerce platform and watch the magic unfold.

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