Hoe geautomatiseerde zakelijke WhatsApp-berichten de bedrijfsefficiëntie kunnen verbeteren

Picture this. You are in a business meeting or occupied by a complex matter, but you have customer queries incoming that have a quick answer to ease them. However, your situation does not allow a moment’s reprieve to handle this quick inquiry, which is bad customer service. This is where WhatsApp business automated messages come in to considerably save the day and ease your workload.

But what are automated WhatsApp business messages, and how do they help?

We answer this and more in today’s blog.

What are WhatsApp Business automated Messages?

WhatsApp Zakelijk offers abundant options, and one of those is the auto-reply feature. It lets you set up automatic messages on WhatsApp so you can take care of your customers when unavailable. Automated replies help tide over the customers and give a positive experience that builds your brand credibility. These messages eliminate the need to manually respond to every query, which can be time-consuming and exhausting.

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Types of Automated Messages on WhatsApp Business

The platform offers three kinds of messages you can automate to handle customer queries in your absence.

  • Greeting Messages: Type a welcoming message to onboard the customer when you get a new incoming chat.
  • Away messages: You can schedule away messages for after business hours. They help inform your leads that you will get back to them when online.
  • Quick Reply template: With this feature, you can save and reuse texts you utilize frequently. Moreover, you can customize message templates and insert them into your chat.
Automated WhatsApp Business Message

How Automated WhatsApp message for business can Help you

Businesses opt for automated messages to ease their workload and execute redundant tasks without human intervention. Below are ways automated messages can amp up your productivity and efficiency.

Reduced Response Time

No more waiting. Get back to your customers instantly and keep them engaged by automating replies for common customer questions.

Save Effort and Time

When you automate messages, you can rest easy focusing on other tasks as the auto-reply saves your agent valuable time.

Round The Clock Service

Impress customers with 24/7 availability and keep business active all time. Whenever shoppers send you a text, they get an automated message for their queries to satisfy them.

Better Engagement

Catering to 10 customers simultaneously and smoothly is possible with automated messages. Get more engagement which brings more leads and a better conversion rate.

Karren herstellen

Your customers can leave a cart for many reasons, so instead of guessing their reasoning, sending automated replies about abandoned carts can re-engage them.

After-Sale Support

A business’s integrity is questioned if it disappears after a successful sale. Automated messages can deliver strong after-sale support so your customers can trust your authenticity.

How to Write Automated WhatsApp Messages for Business

No matter the intention of your automated WhatsApp message for business, keep your writing friendly and informal. The goal is to make customers feel at ease and welcomed, so never use a robotic tone or generic text. Be honest when sending automated messages on WhatsApp business so your shoppers can get a clear picture of your availability. Refrain from misguiding them by claiming you will get back within 5 minutes and make them wait all day. To build trust and foster strong customer relationships, put their needs first and ensure you depict that in your automated WhatsApp business messages.

Automated WhatsApp Message


Do more for your business and customers with WhatsApp automation messages. Be where your customers are and serve them when they need you to ensure long-term business success and reputation.


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