10 redenen waarom AI-gestuurde klantenservice de toekomst is

Automation is all the rage and is fast becoming a need for the present. From home appliances to food delivery, from luggage check-ins at airports to check-in at hotels, from appointment booking to doctorless surgeries, automation is becoming an integral part of our lives.

Therefore, this comes as no surprise that customer service is no exception to the rule. Nowadays, the majority of customer handling is done via automatic systems. The deployment of AI-powered customer service solutions not only benefits your customers by enhancing their experience, but it can also have a tremendous performance improvement for your agents, too. Your team can avail chatbots to go through rigorous data and help them sort all manual and redundant work.

Today, we are going to talk about ten reasons why AI-powered customer service is here to stay and will shape the future. So, let’s begin!

What is AI-Powered Customer Service

It is an artificial intelligence system that engages with your customers on behalf of your brand. This AI system is programmed to respond to customer queries and it can simulate a human conversation by using natural language processing and machine learning. AI-powered customer service solutions entail chatbots, interactive voice response (IVR), and intelligent virtual assistants (IVAs). The more data you feed your AI solution, the better it will perform.

AI-gestuurde klantenservice

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10 Reasons Why AI-Powered Automated Customer Service is The Future

Let’s shed some light on the multiple advantages AI-powered customer service can offer and take your business to the next level.

1.      Solving Problems Beforehand

AI-powered customer support systems can track user behavior every step of the way to see how they interact with the brand. When powered with deep learning, such systems can predict the problems that your customers might be facing before they even transpire. When realized, you can present a resolution before your customer even raises the query.

2.      Autonomous Messages

Many businesses already go for automated message delivery. Due to this, they are able to provide better customer service. The moment a customer opts for any service, the automated system delivers the confirmation, invoice, and any other relevant information promptly. This removes all manual intervention and makes everything a breeze.

3.      No Mistakes

No matter how much a person trains, it is natural for them to err. But with AI, you teach it once and it never fumbles. Much time and capital go into training and hiring customer support agents and among the biggest hurdles call centers face is staff effectiveness. With AI, one system can tackle various matters simultaneously without compromising efficiency.

4.      Customer Doesn’t Have to Wait

One thing people despise is waiting. The biggest thing that irks everyone about customer service support is how long they have to wait to connect to an agent. With AI-powered automation in customer service, your customers get an instant response 24/7!  From there, the AI settles the matter or redirects the visitor to an agent.

Customer Doesn't Have to Wait

5.      Enhanced Efficacy

When agents have piles of work waiting, sorting even a simple query can take time. What might take an agent some days can be sorted by AI-backed service in a mere hour. This helps the brand image and increases its value as customers leave feeling happy and satisfied.

6.      Cost Effective

Rather than hiring 10 people, you invest one time in an AI-powered customer service strategy, program it, and let it do the work of dozens of employees. AI can help reduce expenses that could otherwise cost a fortune in hiring or training personnel.

7.      Self Service is The Latest Trend

With the klant service paradigm-shifting, people don’t want to engage with human agents anymore. They much prefer getting the problems resolved by an interactive system that outperforms humans by a great margin.

8.      Redefined Data Gathering

Businesses can easily track and collect customer data from various platforms and don’t have to switch between channels to find information. Artificial intelligence then processes this data through machine learning to deliver a personalized experience to every customer. Such efficacy and outcome are not possible for human agents.

track and collect customer data

9.      Unmatched Scalability

Another reason why AI powered automation in customer service is such a hit is how it gives scalability options that humans cannot match. It enables you to grow and cater to a wider audience without compromising quality or spending a fortune on expanding the team. Just train your chatbot and it will handle everything!

10.  More Revenue Streams

Many startups lack the resources to empower themselves with AI-powered customer support. The new-age brands prefer automated services rather than human-intervention solutions and this provides the perfect timing for companies to come up with an AI-powered customer support center. You can develop it once and deliver it to various organizations making it a revenue stream of impressive income.

More Revenue Streams


Opting for AI-powered customer service is the main need for businesses seeking sustainable growth. It provides ease and enhancements that aren’t possible by human beings. After all, you cannot compete with a machine, can you? Today’s landscape demands automation and AI involvement. So, don’t think twice and get to integrating AI into your customer service. Trengo can help you start today!


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