WhatsApp Event Invitation: Your Ultimate Guide

As the world embraces WhatsApp for communication, sending paper invitations seems like a foreign concept. After all, when instant messaging and communication are all the rage, it’s only natural that the once-traditional way of sending invites is fading out as people move towards WhatsApp event invitation. Furthermore, sending out invites via chat messaging is actually a great and fun way of informing people about your latest event. It’s also excellent if you have a last-minute party or event and don’t have time to print paper invitations.

In this blog, we take a dive into the realm of invitations via the global messaging platform and we will also give you some WhatsApp event invitation message examples. So, let’s get to it!

What is WhatsApp Event Invite?

An event invitation message on WhatsApp is an effective way to share information for collecting the list of guests. With WhatsApp’s help, you can inform your audience about upcoming events or a party to announce some special deals.  Sending out an invite can boost the exposure of your event invitation while engaging your customers effectively.

WhatsApp Event Invite

Why Send WhatsApp Message for Event Invite

With the level of popularity and reach WhatsApp has, it allows brands to create a more personal touch with their customers. Your messages are received in between chats from friends and family which means there is no such thing as ending up in spam. You get much higher open rates and more click-throughs and your consumers are more likely to respond when they receive invitations via WhatsApp. Below are the reasons why choosing WhatsApp to send invites can be a smart choice:

  • The platform enables quick and easy communication, you can answer customer queries, and give event information in real-time.
  • As WhatsApp is conversational by nature, the customer will be ready to engage.
  • Your consumers are active on WhatsApp and your competition may not be so this gives you a good chance to stand out from the crowd.

How to send a WhatsApp event Invitation Message

While you can send WhatsApp event invite as a bulk message via WhatsApp Business, there are certain limitations. You can only send a bulk message to a maximum number of 256 contacts at a time and your customers need to have you in their contact so you can send them a bulk message.

This is where WhatsApp Business API comes in as the ultimate savior. You can send a bulk message to up to at least 1000 recipients per day and reach customers who don’t have you saved as a contact easily.

Since the API doesn’t come with an interface, you need to use a solution like a Trengo to access it. When sending a bulk message via the API, you have to use the template messages. These messages must be approved by WhatsApp before you can send them out.

To begin, get your demo here!

Sending WhatsApp Invite via Trengo

Once you’re on Trengo and you successfully request your WhatsApp Business message templates, below are the steps to take:

  • In the sidebar menu, tap the broadcast icon.
new broadcast
  • Next, hit ‘New Broadcast’.
  • Fill out the fields as explained below:

-The internal name for your message

       -From which number you’ll be sending the message

       -Which template you will use

       -Which recipients will receive this message

       -What time should be set for delivering the message

This is a simple and straightforward process of sending out WhatsApp invites.

WhatsApp Event Invitation Message: What About RSVP?

You are all set with sending out invites so let’s sort the RSVP aspect too and you can your guests to confirm their attendance by putting “yes” and “no” buttons at the end of the message. Set a rule on Trengo that when customers click on the “yes” button, it will automatically be labeled as RSVP. This way you will be able to measure how many guests will attend your event.

whatsapp event invite rsvp

Here’s a template to help you understand better.

“Dear [guest’s name],

We’re hosting a [event name] on [date], from [start time] to [end time]. Leading experts such as [mention names] will help you reach your business goals.

Here’s what to expect:

[Key learning#1] [Key learning#2] [Key learning#3]

Hope to see you there!

Please let us know if you’ll attend our workshop.

You can RSVP here easily:

[Yes or No button]

The automation seems simple enough but it will take a load off your back trying to sort all RSVPs manually.

Ready to Use WhatsApp Message for Event Invitation Templates

Here are some templates that can be useful to you in sending out your WhatsApp message for event invitation.

  • Hey there [name]! We are celebrating our 10th anniversary this weekend and we’re inviting our community to a party to celebrate! All weekend long, you can stop by from [time] to [time] to grab great deals and exclusive gifts as a thank-you for helping us prosper! We can’t wait to see you there!
  • Hi [name]! We wouldn’t be here today without you and we are grateful for your support, so we decided to celebrate our customers at a special event. We’ll get together at [venue] on [date and time]. Come mix and mingle while enjoying: [ elaborate the benefits] Reserve your spot here: [link]
  • Hi! We’re launching our new product line and we want you to be there for this big day! From [time] to [time] on [date], stop by the store on [address] and see our new line of products. You can win a free [product]! Hope to see you there! You don’t want to miss this, [Name]!
  • The [Exclusive Early Launch] for our VIP members has begun! Check out some of the incredible products in this line! [Elaborate about products] To shop, click here: [link]


WhatsApp is a powerful and convenient platform for sending out event invitations. You can transform your event planning experience and boost attendance rates significantly. Remember to craft engaging invitations, and consider timing and personalization while leveraging features of WhatsApp to connect with your guests effectively.


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